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Monthly Archives: May 2016

jk rowling speech

Watch J.K Rowling Defend Freedom Of Speech & Slam Trump At The Same Time

Like many, J.K. Rowling will not be voting Donald Trump. However, in a recent speech at the PEN America Literary Gala in New York City, the famous author came to the property mogul / presidential candidate’s support. Rowling opposed the petition in the U.K. that had aimed to ban Trump from entering Britain. This

dashcam vid

An amazing dashcam video of a meteor falling to earth

Not long after midnight on May 17, 2016, a meteor exploded across the sky over New England. The debris as it burned on entry into Earth’s atmosphere was so bright that the cosmic light show could be seen from Pennsylvania to Québec. Though it isn’t often

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Colorado is using tax revenue from legal weed to help the homeless.

The legalization of cannabis is already reaping benefits across America. In Colorado, the state government made $135 million from marijuana tax revenue in 2015. That’s no small change. The wonderful news is, the authorities are using this money to help local communities and people in need,

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Humiliated by her school, this teen found support eleswhere

Aniya Wolf is just like any other teenager. Naturally she was looking forward to her junior prom. The 17 year old from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was very excited about the upcoming prom and was ready to dance the night away with her best friends and classmates.


Man Risks His Safety To Free These Bald Eagles

The Eagle is a bird at the root of American identity and spirit. So when a good citizen came across two of these magnificent birds in a pond one day, he naturally stopped to take a look. Once he realised they were in trouble, and


As fires rage in Canada, strangers become heroes become friends

As the relentless wildfire in Western Canada takes its toll, and over 88,000 people are forced to evacuate, stories of hope and heroism emerge All across Canada, emergency services, civilians, and perfect strangers have been going above and beyond to help those in need. Here’s