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Research Shows Green Light Can Help With Migraines

Migraines are horrible. We all encounter them at some time or another and they can leave you unable to do anything. Traditionally a dark room, with your eyes closed after necking a couple of pain killers is the way to go. Sometimes however, you don’t

From Living on the streets, To Harvard Graduate

Born in New Yorker in 1980, Liz Murray did not have the best start in life. Both her parents were drug-addicted with HIV. They tried their best to look after her, however at the age of 15 Liz lost her mother to AIDS and became

21 Beautiful Images Demonstrating The Wonder of Iceland

Iceland is a wondrous place. It really is an island of extremes, not content with featuring some of Europe’s biggest glaciers, this popular tourist destination also  boasts some of the continent’s hottest volcanic springs. (Let’s not forget the odd volcanic eruption too). Add this to

Kyoto’s Spiritual Wonder – Fushimi Inari

The well known images of the vermilion torii (shrine gates) that spread majestically across the landscape in Kyoto, is a draw for any tourist in Japan. In fact the entire complex (with a total of five shrines, sprawled across the wooded slopes of Inari-san) is the

Belize’s Lighthouse Reef: Inside the Great Blue Hole

This extraordinary “vertical cave”, known as the Great Blue Hole in Belize is a paradise for divers and photographers. The images taken from the air and beneath the waves provide an insight into a natural wonder. At the same time, scientists currently ponder whether the