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The Beautiful City of Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik in the very south of Croatia, is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Small enough to walk around and see all the main sites in just the one day, it’s diminutive size means there is no space for ugliness. Every corner of this extremely romantic Mediterranean town leads to another cobbled stone street, or a terrace of rustic homes with colourful laundry stretched outside their windows.


In the livelier sections, quality restaurants and cool cafe bars bid for your attention, but all in with a chilled and sophisticated Adriatic vibe.

One of the best activities you can do during a day in the city is take a walk along the Old City walls. He you get a birds eye view of the entire city and watch while the sun sets across the sparkling sea.

dubrovnik walls

Beyond the quaintness you can also enjoy beautiful beach spots, sport activities like kayaking or hiking or just chill with a beer in one of the bars that actually nestle within the perimeter walls.

A must visit destination for anyone travelling beautiful Croatia.


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