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Northern Lights, Alaska 4

Inspiring Travel: Northern Lights, Alaska

Alaska’s wide open spaces are an inspiration at the best of times, however when the sun goes down and the Northern Lights come out to play, the location is awe inspiring. The Aurora Borealis are made up of solar particles that hit Earth’s magnetic fields resulting


The Beautiful City of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik in the very south of Croatia, is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Small enough to walk around and see all the main sites in just the one day, it’s diminutive size means there is no space for ugliness. Every corner

One Embankment Place in London

Extreme Sustainability – The PwC Building, London

In 2014, One Embankment Place in London, (the UK headquarters for PwC) achieved the highest BREEAM rating recorded worldwide. Which translates as to being the most sustainable corporate building in the world. And they did this by refitting the existing building too. The company decided it

Iceland amazing images 7

21 Beautiful Images Demonstrating The Wonder of Iceland

Iceland is a wondrous place. It really is an island of extremes, not content with featuring some of Europe’s biggest glaciers, this popular tourist destination also  boasts some of the continent’s hottest volcanic springs. (Let’s not forget the odd volcanic eruption too). Add this to