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Free Tampons For Schools, Jails and Homeless Shelters Signed into Law in NYC

Mayor Bill de Blasio has recently signed legislation making free menstrual products available in all New York City public schools, shelters and jails. According to the Associated Press, the new laws will ensure free menstrual products are available in school restrooms for over 300,000 girls. Their place

Food truck

Drive Change Helps Former Inmates Get Into Work With Food Trucks

Drive Change has been making waves for a while now, with their effective efforts in helping former inmates into work. The nonprofit owns a New York City-based food truck, and offers opportunties to those coming home from the criminal justice system. Their award-winning food truck,

jk rowling speech

Watch J.K Rowling Defend Freedom Of Speech & Slam Trump At The Same Time

Like many, J.K. Rowling will not be voting Donald Trump. However, in a recent speech at the PEN America Literary Gala in New York City, the famous author came to the property mogul / presidential candidate’s support. Rowling opposed the petition in the U.K. that had aimed to ban Trump from entering Britain. This

Robin Wright  2

House of Cards’ Robin Wright Steps Up To Tackle The Gender Pay Gap

Robin Wright’s character in the hugely popular House of Cards is famous the world over. Anyone that knows the show, will accept that she plays lead billing alongside co-star Kevin Spacey and is integral to the show. However, the gender pay gap in Hollywood is very

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Colorado is using tax revenue from legal weed to help the homeless.

The legalization of cannabis is already reaping benefits across America. In Colorado, the state government made $135 million from marijuana tax revenue in 2015. That’s no small change. The wonderful news is, the authorities are using this money to help local communities and people in need,


As fires rage in Canada, strangers become heroes become friends

As the relentless wildfire in Western Canada takes its toll, and over 88,000 people are forced to evacuate, stories of hope and heroism emerge All across Canada, emergency services, civilians, and perfect strangers have been going above and beyond to help those in need. Here’s

One Embankment Place in London

Extreme Sustainability – The PwC Building, London

In 2014, One Embankment Place in London, (the UK headquarters for PwC) achieved the highest BREEAM rating recorded worldwide. Which translates as to being the most sustainable corporate building in the world. And they did this by refitting the existing building too. The company decided it