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Colorado is using tax revenue from legal weed to help the homeless.

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Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images.

The legalization of cannabis is already reaping benefits across America. In Colorado, the state government made $135 million from marijuana tax revenue in 2015. That’s no small change.

The wonderful news is, the authorities are using this money to help local communities and people in need, particularly the homeless. The city of Aurora, Colorado, is using the extra funds to improve those that find themselves on the street.

Aurora raked in $2.65 million in taxes last year and expects the total to be in the $5.4 million range for 2016, The Denver Post reports.

A significant portion of the new tax revenue will be going toward nonprofits helping the homeless.

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Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

$220,000 has already been given to the Colfax Community Network — an organisation that helps provide homeless families living in motels with food, clothing, and hygiene kits.

Comitis Crisis Center and Aurora Mental Health have also seen the state government reach into their coffers to provide funding for the purchase of more vans to help with their street outreach programs.

More revenue has been set aside to help other city charities and to fund a new rec center.

In 2015 legal weed created a whopping $1 billion industry in Colorado.

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Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images.

More than $35 million in sales went to state school projects.

And all of this is in just one year. Who knows what extra benefits will materialise as the tax revenue keeps on flowing for years to come.

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