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Drive Change Helps Former Inmates Get Into Work With Food Trucks

Food truck

Drive Change has been making waves for a while now, with their effective efforts in helping former inmates into work.

The nonprofit owns a New York City-based food truck, and offers opportunties to those coming home from the criminal justice system.

Their award-winning food truck, Snowday, has a delicious array of options. Customers can enjoy salty/sweet grilled cheese sandwiches drizzled with maple syrup. The business also serves farm-fresh food, and most importantly of all, is giving fresh start to those that need it most.

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As company director of engagement, Roy Waterman explains: “A felony conviction is like the ultimate black eye. No matter how many years pass by it’s always on your record.”

Drive Change has stepped in with the aim of helping to mitigate that disadvantage. The non profit offers year-long, paid positions to people ages 17 to 25. These come in 3 different phases that employees are encouraged to follow through until the end.

Phase 1 (which pays $9 an hour), is an orientation process. Employees go through the relevant training to obtain their food handler and safety licenses as well as their mobile vendor licenses.

Food truck 2

Fully trained employees then receive $11 an hour, and will learn how to master all of the food truck jobs. A broad range of skills, such as cashier, head chef and customer service that will put them in good stead for further employment in the future.

In the final phase, employees are set up to work at another job for 4 months, (typically a restaurant). Drive Change continues to pay their wages while they work in the different role.

The success rates have been amazing. After completing the course with Drive Change, former employees have moved on to all manner of opportunities.

Proving that all many people need in life is the opportunity to forge their own path.

[Source / Images: Huffington Post, Zagat]

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