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Inspiring Travel: Northern Lights, Alaska

Northern Lights, Alaska 4

Alaska’s wide open spaces are an inspiration at the best of times, however when the sun goes down and the Northern Lights come out to play, the location is awe inspiring.

The Aurora Borealis are made up of solar particles that hit Earth’s magnetic fields resulting in a cosmic light show of wonder. It is possible to see beautiful waves of green, yellow, blue, and red coloured light dancing across the sky.

Northern Lights, Alaska 1 Northern Lights, Alaska 2

A good place to visit to witness the spectacle is Fairbanks, Alaska. People come from all over the world to watch Mother Earth dance with these solar winds. To cater for the tourists, there are many tour companies offering package excursions from Anchorage and Fairbanks.

A good time of the year to go to be able to see the Northern Lights is between September and April. Be ready to face the cold however. Not only is that obviously covering the coldest months of the year, you will be expected to head out into the wilderness between 11:30pm-3:30am.

Be prepared for extremely low temperatures, for an experience you will remember forever.

Northern Lights

[Images:, Huffington Post, Travelzoo]

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