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Research Shows Green Light Can Help With Migraines


Migraines are horrible. We all encounter them at some time or another and they can leave you unable to do anything. Traditionally a dark room, with your eyes closed after necking a couple of pain killers is the way to go. Sometimes however, you don’t have the luxury.

If you still need to about your business with a terrible migraine, a recent research study has shown that you may have better luck under green light.

Light-induced pain, dubbed photophobia, is connected to 80 percent of migraine attacks.


Harvard Professor Rami Burstein, who led the study said: “It is their inability to endure light that most often disables them,” (referring to migraine sufferers).

Previous research found that blind migraine patients are sensitive to blue light. This notion is what inspired Burstein to study how the exposure to various colors might affect the intensity and frequency of the migraines that people suffer. 69 patients took part in the experiment.

Burstein discovered that light at both ends of the spectrum caused pain in the tests, with 80 percent of people complaining at exposure to either red or blue light. Furthermore, the brighter the light, the worse the pain.

green light

The surprise finding was that of green light and the intensity of pain:

For 20 percent of participants, green light actually reduced their migraine pain when compared to being in a dark room.

So there you have it. If you suffer from light induced migraines, you no longer need to shut yourself away. Find some green bulbs, shutter the curtains and turn on the lights. Or better still, take a calming walk in a dense green forest.

[Source: IFLScience, Images: Pixabay, Nominature]

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