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Taking Flight – The first ever pilot to fly with no arms


Jessica Cox was born without arms due to a rare birth defect. However, she was also born with an inspirational spirit. Throughout her entire life she has not allowed for her disability to hold her back. The psychology graduate can write, type, drive a car, brush her hair and talk on her phone simply using her feet.

She has taken the skills and ability to lead an abled body life one step further too, by being the first person with no arms to gain their pilots license and to fly a plane.

Using one of the few planes in the world to be made and certified without pedals, Jessica is able to use her feet to do the job hands would normally do.

Jessica-Cox-Pilot cockpit

Although flying a plane is certainly more difficult this way, Jessica did not give up on her dream of taking to the air. It took her three years instead of the usual six months to complete her lightweight aircraft licence, with a total practice time of 89 flying hours.

One wonders now that she has achieved this particular dream, what the unstoppable Jessica Cox will tackle next.


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