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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Inventory Source Review – WORTH THE MONEY IN 2020?

At the beginning of 2020, I started researching the prospect of starting a drop-shipping business. I had a successful Amazon FBA business running more or less on autopilot, and I was looking to venture away from the Amazon stranglehold and sell products through my own

paint your life reviews

Paint Your Life Reviews – IS IT WORTH THE MONEY?

Today we are going to take an in-depth look into Paint Your Life ( An online service that allows you to submit your photographs online and have a dedicated oil painting created by artists, framed and sent to you by mail. On the surface, this

commercial embroidery machine

Commercial Embroidery Machines – A Buyer’s Guide

The commercial embroidery machine as the name suggests is built for use in the embroidery business. This business has varying levels of specialization from normal cloth adornment to cap adornment, shoe embroidery, and quilt embroidery. The business niche that you choose would determine your embroidery

mMechanical sewing machines

An Introduction to the Mechanical Sewing Machine

The era of the industrial revolution was an epochal moment in human history, and the clothing industry in particular because one of its most significant inventions was the sewing machine, which mechanized sewing hence making it more productive and efficient as compared to manual sewing.

Kangaroo Kabinets Aussie Studio WHITE Sewing Cabinets with Air Lift

Sewing Cabinets & Tables – Overview & Buyer’s Guide

Overview Modern sewing is a dedicated task which, regardless of scale, requires the sewist to use special equipment, usually a sewing machine and its accessories. This machine not only makes sewing easy and efficient, but it also allows the sewer to undertake complex sewing tasks,

zenbusiness featured

ZenBusiness Review – Best LLC Formation Service in 2020?

Forming an LLC can be confusing. With the various service providers online, all selling different types of packages it is difficult to fully understand which is the best for you. The various reviews online are useful. However, after looking around ZenBusiness seemed to offer one

Dropship and Automated Dropshipping Explained

In the traditional marketplace, a business sells the products that it has in stock. For this business, the buyer comes into the shop, places an order for a product, and upon payment, the buyer is given his/her product, hence concluding a transaction. This transaction can