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Monthly Archives: November 2020

preply review featured

Preply Review – Good for Students? Good for Tutors?

Learning online is a big business in 2020, especially with the impact of the Coronavirus keeping a lot of us at home in lockdown. To meet demand there are many online learning platforms available. However, knowing which to choose can be difficult. Learning a new


An Introduction to Canvas Printing

A decent way of improving home décor is to hang beautiful and eye-catching photos, especially family photos and printed artwork, on the walls. This enlivens the living room, as well as creates the ambiance of a settled and happy family. Even so, how can one

Are Low Budget SEO Services Worth the Risk?

It is understandable that any small business owner with a website will want to fast track their site to the top of the search listings. And why not of course. Reach the number 1 spot on Google for a term related to your trade and

workshop long arm quilting

How Much to Charge When Longarm Quilting for Others

If you own a long arm quilter for personal hobby use, there may well come a time when word gets out and you’ll be asked to make a quilt for others. While friends and family may get initially freebies, after a while, you will understandably