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Getting Started with Freshbooks (Invoices, Expenses & Time Tracking) is an independent review guide covering business and educational products and software. This website contains affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking these links.

If you’re self-employed or the owner of a small business there is the inevitable task of accounting and book-keeping.

For many of us the thought alone of dealing with the numbers can cause the shoulders to slump.

However, these days (thankfully) there are a number of very intuitive, easy to use packages that make accounting a breeze for anyone.

One such software tool is the award-winning FreshBooks. This finance & accounting package is one of the best cloud solutions for small business owners currently available.

FinancesOnline gave it the Best Accounting Software Award for 2016 as well as the Supreme Software Award for 2016.

Just a quick look online and you will see that Freshbooks has received rave reviews from users too, with one of the the highest customer satisfaction rates in its field.

We plan on providing an in depth review and analysis of the package in the coming weeks, however for now we thought we would bring you a close look via a popular introductory video from Freshbooks themselves.