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Top 5 FREE Medical Apps For Doctors is an independent review guide covering business and educational products and software. This website contains affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking these links.

Today, physicians young and old realize the importance of mobile health apps and how they can benefit both their practice and of course, their patients.

According to estimates (conducted by market research firm BCC Research), the market for mHealth will be close to $21.5 billion globally by 2018.

To say the take up of mobile health apps among professionals has been swift is an understatement.

However, with so many apps available knowing what to download and start using can be difficult.

That’s where we aim to help however. Below is a list of the best free medical apps currently available in 2017.

1. Doximity

Doximity is the number one social network platform for doctors. The app makers claim that 40% of U.S. Physicians are members (it is free to join however you will need to register your details on signup).

The app essentially gives you a nice mobile interface with which to access network on your phone.

Once installed you will be able to find and communicate with other doctors on the network. The system also allows you to send HIPAA-secure faxes through your phone, and keep up-to-date with news and information in your particular field of expertise.

Overall an essential app for all U.S based doctors. Both iOS and Android versions are available.

2. NEJM This Week

The New England Journal of Medicine, needs no introduction. This trusted source of information for doctors now comes to your phone via the NEJM This Week app.

This will give you access to recent articles and news stories, while also giving you the ability to easily search for and listen to audio and video summaries.

Other useful content includes videos of medical procedures, as well as reports on recent research findings.

All this becomes accessible for free via an easy to use, mobile friendly interface. (For iOS devices only).

3. Figure 1 

Figure 1 is an excellent app that allows the user to view and share medical images with other physicians.

With a database of images in the hundreds of thousands now, doctors can send and search through medical images, leaving comments as they go.

It is a great place to receive feedback on a rare condition, or trying to find more information on a particular case.

A useful inbuilt feature means that patient privacy is not an issue. The system is able to automatically face-block images to remove any identifying information.

This app is free to download and use on both iOS and Android.

4. Medscape

This is a very simple app by WebMD that has proven popular as a fast and easy to use medical reference tool.

Downloading the app will give you ability to look up medications and drugs as well as check the disease reference tool.

You will also be able to access recent news stories and articles.

Again this is a free app available on iOS and Android, (it does require signup however).

5. Epocrates

Last but by no means least we have Epocrates. Considered one of the best medical apps available today, you can download it on both iOS and Android.

You will not be alone with this one on your phone. With millions of downloads in 2017, doctors across America are using this app on a regular basis.

You can look up drug information and interactions. You will also be able to easily find other providers for consults and referrals. (It even has a handy tool to quickly calculate patient measurements like BMI.)

The app and the main content is absolutely free. However, for more specific functionality such as lab guides and alternative medications you can sign up to Epocrates Essentials for $159.99 a year.

And there you have it, our top 5 picks for medical apps for 2017.

We have based our selection on reviews and scores in the relevant app stores, however if you have a recommendation on what you think should be in our top 5, please leave a message in the comment section below – we aim to update this list regularly.