5 Benefits of Canvas Printing for your Home or Office

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Canvas prints are a great way to decorate your home and/or office.

With the many services available online these days, and the huge range of options you have on these websites, there really is something for everyone when it comes to canvas printing.

Furthermore, if the designs and artwork available online do not appeal to you, there is the option to personalize your prints.

This can be in its entirety in the form of uploading your own image for printing. Or you can customize an existing design by adding words and motifs to your liking.

Beyond that, there is the whole area of canvas size, multi-panel printing, frames, and finish. In fact, the only issue you might come across is the sheer range of choice.

It can be overwhelming.

Anyway, this article is a look at the benefits of canvas printing and why you might want to use one of these services to help decorate your space.

1. Aesthetic Quality

Canvashq examples

Canvas prints are a tasteful addition to your home and office decor. They certainly have a better aesthetic appeal than a simple photographic print within a frame.

In fact, there is definitely an aesthetic quality to canvas prints due to the very fact canvas is used. We are used to art being formed on canvas, your printed image exudes a similar “feel”.

The texture of the material gives the image an additional depth, character, and overall quality.

The bulk of the canvas makes the image pop off the wall and along with the various framing and finish options a canvas printing service offers, the finished result really does add something to your space.

2. No Glare

canvas prints online guide

Framed photographs with their glossy paper have terrible glare if positioned in bright rooms.

Add that to the fact many framed photographs are enclosed beyond the glass and you have a finish that can sometimes look tacky at best.

Canvas prints do not have that problem. Satin and matte finishes are the most popular for canvas prints, and these have low glare qualities.

This makes them ideal for hanging in bright rooms, and as already mentioned above, the overall aesthetic is superior to simple framed images.

3. More cost-effective than framing

canvas prints online guide

With the competing canvas printing services around, there has never been a better time for a customer to pick up great deals on prints.

So much so, a large canvas can now be more cost-effective than buying a large photographic print and frame.

Even if you print the image from home (which is more than possible with today’s home photographic printers), having the image mounted and framed can be a pain.

Canvas prints are pre-framed as you order and everything can be done easily online.

Select the artwork or upload your image, choose your canvas size and shape, and away you go. Your canvas can be with you in a matter of days.

4. Durable


Canvas prints are durable. If you choose a reputable service that uses quality materials your canvas will last a long time.

Furthermore, if it gets knocked off the wall, there is rarely any damage. The same cannot be said of a framed image behind glass. We have all experienced the issues there if one gets violently knocked over – you’ll find tiny shards of glass about the house for weeks.

A good service will also use high-quality ink. This should not fade in the sun, or through age. The vibrancy will last for years, and so will your canvas print.

5. Great for Businesses

canvas prints online guide (4)

Businesses can use canvas printing to create a brand image around their premises or to simply motivate employees with aesthetically pleasing images around the office.

Shops and restaurants can use canvas prints too in order to add a touch of class to the decor without breaking the bank, (assuming the image selection is appropriate).

Either way, breaking up large spaces with canvas prints is as pleasing to the eye in business premises as it is in the home.

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