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canvas print guide

8 Things to Consider when Buying Canvas Prints Online

Buying canvas prints online has become very popular in recent years. There are a number of services available today, all of which provide a wide choice of canvas styles and frames with a quick turnaround on quality prints. However, with that wide range of choice,

check deposit & virtual mailboxes

How to use the Check Deposit Facility of a Virtual Mailbox

We’re a big fan of virtual mailboxes here at A few of our writing staff are based in different places around the world. As European and U.S ex-pats living abroad, virtual mailbox services have been a massive benefit. And while there are many obvious

great big canvas review

Great Big Canvas Review – My Experience Ordering in 2021

A canvas print of traditional artwork, movie posters, or even a photograph that you have taken can be a great addition to the home. Especially during this time when we find ourselves indoors so much more. Who wouldn’t want a nice splash of color on

Best Embroidery Software for Brother, Singer, Embrilliance & More

A quality embroidery software package is at the heart of any computerized embroidery machine. At first, the options on what to buy can seem quite daunting. However, the fact that certain software suites are dedicated to specific brands, does narrow down the choice. In this

Some Walking Foot Sewing Machine Basics

In a follow up to our recent top 5 reviews on walking foot sewing machines (both for industrial and home use), we have put together this short guide on how to get the most out of your new machine. For some of you that have

traveling mailbox review

Traveling Mailbox Review – My Thoughts After a Year

Traveling mailbox is not the biggest player in the virtual mailbox arena, however, the service has accumulated quite a following over recent years. That being said, whether you are a small business owner looking for a virtual address, or maybe even an expat that requires

Commercial Embroidery Machine

Best Commercial Embroidery Machines [2021 Reviews]

What is the best commercial embroidery machine on the market today? There’s a lot of options available, and narrowing down the buying decision to get the right one for you can be difficult. To help you in your search we have selected 5 top-rated machines

Best Walking Foot Sewing Machines (2021 REVIEW)

What is the best walking foot sewing machine on the market today? There’s a number of answers to that question. The biggest issue of all, of course, is your specific needs. Do you require an industrial, high duty model for commercial-style applications? Or are you