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long arm quilting machine

Best Long Arm Quilting Machine (TOP 10 FOR 2021)

A long arm quilter is a significant investment, that’s why it is important to do your research before you buy. With prices ranging from just a couple of thousand dollars to large industrial machines in the low 5 figures, the range of models available is

Where to Buy Tapestries Online (Best 10 Vendors in 2021)

There are a number of places where you can buy tapestries online today. Each of the 10 online stores we have selected below, represent a range of options. Whether you are looking to buy large wall hanging tapestries, smaller ornate tapestries, or something in between,

anytime mailbox review

Anytime Mailbox Review: The Mailbox Service to Use in 2021?

There are a large number of virtual mailbox services available today. The wide range of choices in 2021, means that whether you’re a lone traveler (chance would be a fine thing with COVID-19 restrictions), a family relocating abroad, or a business looking for a virtual


What is the best Zig Zag sewing machine on the market today? That’s exactly what we attempt to answer in this top 5 product review round-up. We’ve taken a selection of zig-zag machines across a range of price points and put them through their paces.

CanvasHQ review featured

CanvasHQ Review – Best Canvas Printing Service?

Adding a canvas print onto the walls of your home or office can make a real difference to the overall look of a room. When done right, a 3-panel piece of wall art can provide a ‘smile-on-your-face’ aesthetic, that as we hunker down with yet

sewing machine

Top 5 Affordable Long Arm Quilting Machines for 2021

If you’ve ever looked into buying a long arm quilting machine, some of the prices may well have given you a nose bleed. Many of the options available seem to be aimed at fledgling business owners that are looking to build a company around their

workshop long arm quilting

A V50 Guide to Needles for Long Arm Quilting Machines

When you start your journey on the road to long arm quilting there are a few things that can seem very daunting. After doing the research and buying the right machine for your needs, you then have to learn how to properly use it. If


CanvasChamp Review: Quality Canvas Printing or Best Avoided?

A canvas print of a photograph that holds special memories makes for a wonderful addition to the home. It is also a great gift idea, and beyond the sentimental, canvas prints can look great in the office too. That’s precisely why online canvas printing services

A Short Introduction to Canvas Printing Technologies

As we have recently looked at some of the major canvas printing services currently available, we thought we would spend a little time explaining the process and some of the technology behind it. Essentially, there are 2 main methods of printing digital images onto canvas:

sewing machine

Best Mechanical Sewing Machine [TOP 5 REVIEWS]

What is the best mechanical sewing machine on the market today? There’s a lot of options available, and narrowing down the buying decision to get the right one for you can be difficult. To help you in your search we have selected 5 top-rated machines