Welcome to Vault50

Thanks for stopping by. Vault50 has a simple goal; to be the go-to companion for honest reviews and helpful guides covering your medical, business, educational and industrial needs.

We admit that’s quite some scope, however we do aim to be around for the long haul. This site is constantly growing as we slowly building up our library of comprehensive content to cover interesting products over a diverse range of sectors.

Whether its up-to-date information on the best nutritional suppliments to buy, guides on what to look for when buying a commercial grade sewing machine, or simply how to apply dry erase paint to your office space; we will have you covered, on all that and more.

So bookmark and watch this space.

Who are we?

The editorial team here at Vault50 is made up of a number of freelance writers based all over the world.  Our interests and experiences cover the full range of sectors we write about on the site.

As a team, we work remotely, with the core of the reviewers being based here in the U.S.A. This helps us remain close to the action for the major product releases that we cover.

We hope that our knowledge and commitment comes through when you read what we publish here on Vault50.

Furthermore, if you have an interest in an area that would be a good fit for Vault50, we would be very keen to hear from you too; (learn how you can contribute here).

Introducing the team (so far)

Clare Turner, MSN/MBA, RN

Clare, is one of our key contributers covering health and medical, as well as some of the products and guides discussed in the ‘home’ section of Vault50.

Clare has naturally gravitated towards writing on health issues due to her full time job as a registered nurse in Boston, MA.

Her passion for healthcare comes through in the writing, as she really enjoys sharing the knowledge and helping people make the right decisions when it comes to looking after themselves or loved ones.

You can contact Clare directly using: clare@vault50.com

David Lachance

David heads up the Business and Education sections of Vault50. He comes from an IT background, and has authored some fantastic articles on software and programming (courses and guides) on the site.

He regularly guests posts on a whole host of leading IT publications and forums, so we feel very lucky to publish his expertise on such a permanent basis.

David lives and work in Washington D.C, but spends so much time on the road between speaking engagements, he often jokes that Interstate 495 is his home.

You can reach out to David via email at: david@vault50.com

Kevin Simpson

Kevin is in charge of the content-layout, design and other important technical duties involved with keeping the site online and secure.

His talents also cover some of the more general articles we publish on the site; he has a real dry sense of humor at that never fails to come across in what he writes.

Currently residing in Croatia, Kevin has taken remote working to a whole new level. Originally from Minnesota, he fled to central Europe at the age of 26 because and we quote, ‘I couldn’t stand another damn winter in Mankato’.

Kevin’s contact email is: kevin@vault50.com