A Look at Paint Your Life’s Poor Photos to Masterpieces Feature

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Paint your life featured

I’ve been a fan of Paint Your Life for a number of years now. I first ordered a painting as a gift for my parents and it went down a storm. I ended up ordering a few more items from them since and also used that as a reason to review their services, here.

Anyway, while recently browsing the Paint Your Life website for a birthday gift for my grandmother, I came across a relatively new feature that I thought would be worth trying out.

It’s called poor photos to masterpieces and purports to do just that, turn your less than quality photographs into quality pieces of art.

And this, it turns out, gave me a lot more options when it came to making my latest order from Paint Your Life.

Poor Photos to Masterpieces

paint your life details
Image credit: PaintYourLife.com

The first thing to clear up is that this feature is not designed to change the quality of your photography.

If the photo you took has bad composition, or you’ve taken it with body parts chopped out, etc, the artist is not there to create what you missed.

What these new features do is give you the option of using old photographs that might have had suffered damage due to aging.

You can also use it to compile different elements of more than one photograph or add an alternative background, you can even add a few special effects, (although a lot of these are a bit too kitsch for my liking).

On top of the fact you can always choose your desired medium, (oils, pencil, watercolor, etc) when ordering art through Paint Your Life, it means your options really have increased.

Let’s look at some examples…

Using an old photograph

old combined
Image credit: PaintYourLife.com

Here you can see that two old black and white photographs have been combined for a touching image of what you would assume is a couple that may have now passed away, (judging by the advanced age of each individual in what are clearly old photographs).

The end result as an oil painting is very lovely and inspired me on my choice of image for my grandmother.

Using an old photograph of her and my grandfather (who has sadly passed away), I wanted to create a piece of art of them together when they were younger.

I chose for it to be completed with oil and made the order just last week. I am expecting to arrive any day now, so will report back when it does.

Adding a new background

paint your life background
Image credit: PaintYourLife.com

This is an interesting feature that Paint Your Life is offering now. As you can see from the image, a young family has chosen a picture of themselves along with an image of a beautiful sunset.

The artist has successfully combined the two images to great effect. Using this feature you can really bring the artwork that your order alive.

That being said, in my humble opinion some of these can look a bit “cheesy”. The end result is up to your own tastes.

Combining people from different photographs

paint your life combined
Image credit: PaintYourLife.com

There are plenty of examples where people have ordered paintings from Paint Your Life so that they can combine family members from various photographs into one.

It is pretty clear why this option is so popular. Everything from images of a deceased loved one in the same image as a new generation of the family, too simply combining a series of preferred recently taken photographs.

The reasons for combining are wide, and it is great that Paint Your Life now offers this from its artists.

Added effects

Image credit: PaintYourLife.com

I mentioned this in the introduction, and while the special additions feature is a novelty, I am not quite sure if I would ever use it.

The above example has a matriarch with angel wings and halos on the heads of others in the image.

Don’t get me wrong, if this speaks to you, you can add all manner of extras to your finished artwork.

As I already said, it is a bit too kitsch for me.

Again though, the fact that Paint Your life is now offering these options with its artwork is no bad thing. I am sure they are proving very popular.

Different Mediums

paint your life old
Image credit: PaintYourLife.com

I have talked in a lot more detail on the mediums and framing options that Paint Your Life provides, here. The review goes in-depth.

If my grandmother doesn’t mind her artwork being shown on the internet, I will also write an update on what I recently ordered from Paint Your Life, soon.

Ultimately, I know she is going to love it. I am sure anything that you end up ordering will have a special place in your heart and home, (or that of a loved one that you gift it to) too.

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