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chatbot limitations

For regular readers of Vault50, you will have seen that we are fans of chatbots. We some them as a viable, cost-effective way of delivering a better user experience for website visitors, and for eCommerce, they can help increase conversions and sales.

However, chatbots do come with their limitations.

The technology is getting there in terms of fluid, humanlike conversation, but there is still a little way to go.

This means that there are current limitations with using chatbox and they might not be for all businesses.

So let’s dive in and take a look at why.

Large Businesses should Proceed with Chatbots Cautiously

While, the economics of laying off customer service staff to be replaced with software that can work 24/7 with no holidays or sick leave, may seem appealing, you need to determine just how effective the automated version will be.

As I talked about here, chatbots are great with specific queries and FAQ-style responses. They can also carry out simple administrative tasks with users such as account updates and information.

If your customers get in touch with your business for more complicated, nuanced discussions, chatbots likely struggle to perform as well as humans.

In this scenario your customers/clients may end up disgruntled and frustrated, outcomes you need to avoid at all costs.

Therefore, it makes sense to implement chatbot use slowly. Use them for rudimentary customer queries, with sufficient human personnel to take on more complicated ones.

You do not want to lose control over the customer experience by opting for chatbots on the scale before you know their limitations.

Deploy them with a defined, narrow scope in the beginning stages.

Chatbots in Conjunction with Human Agents

As touched on above, one of the best uses of chatbots (for larger enterprises) is in conjunction with human agents.

Combined, chatbots with humans are a very efficient way of carrying out customer interactions.

The customer starts with the chatbot that can be programmed to greet the visitor and ask them what they need help with.

If it is a simple query that can be answered specifically or solved through redirection to a different part of the website, great.

If it is more complex, the chatbot can forward on to an agent for an immediate response, (or take contact details and have someone get back to them)

Integrating bots and agents in this way delivers a fast and satisfying user experience, that will help your business over the long term.

Furthermore, the time saved where your human staff is not dealing with routine FAQ-style queries is better time spent with interactions that need more detailed responses.

This balance really is a win, win situation.

Chatbots and Solopreneurs

chatbot receptionist

If like much of the readership of Vault50, you are more of a solopreneur, eCommerce style outfit, chatbots will be used to replace the time you need to spend on answering queries yourself.

The same limitations apply, however, in general, you will be able to utilize AI technology to provide a better user experience for your potential customer.

Leading the site visitor to relevant products or sections of your site, or helping them with simple queries such as returns and deliveries frees up your time for the more important aspects of running a business.

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