Pros & Cons of Using a Dropshipping Hub

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The dropshipping process can be automated by using a dropshipping hub. This serves to streamline the process, as well as make it efficient, quick, and convenient for both the dropship merchant and the consumers. We have recently reviewed 3 such hubs, Source of Goods, Inventory Source, and Wholesale2B. And while these are all great services, … Read more

How to Move your Dropship Store From Oberlo to Dropified

dropified migration

An issue that can become complicated during the life of a dropshipping store is a move to another platform. You may have been using one of the many available dropshipping software services, for example, and decide that the features available on another are better suited to you. The fact these are often subscription services also … Read more

Dropshipping in Europe – The Ultimate Guide

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There are many reasons to focus on dropshipping products in Europe. With a population of almost 750 million, it is an economically prosperous continent with over 85% of households connected to the internet. In other words, it is a big market for eCommerce. Furthermore, with so many drop shopping retailers concentrating on the US market, … Read more

LiveChat Review: AI-Powered Customer Service in 2022

livechat review

There are a large number of AI-based customer support suites available today. The technology is advanced enough in 2022, that potential customers do not realize that a degree of automation is taking place. The best systems combine AI automation with human customer service representatives, in order to provide the highest quality experience. The software helps … Read more