A Look at the Dropified Chrome Extension (& How to Use It)

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dropified chrome extension

Dropified is a dropshipping app that aims to make dropshipping products via your eCommerce store easier.

With good integration with eCommerce platforms, (Shopify being the big one, however, it also supports web stores built on WooCommerce, CommerceHQ, and more).

Anyway, you can read our in-depth review on Dropified here.

Today, I thought we would take a good look at the Dropified Chrome Extention. What it is and how it works.

So if you are ready, let’s jump in.

What is the Dropified Chrome Extension?

The Dropified Chrome extension is an extension for chrome that enables you to import products into Dropified, or into your webstore, directly from the Chrome browser.

You can then browse 3rd party stores such as Aliexpress, Alibaba, eBay, Walmart, and more to find items that you would like to sell in your store.

Applicable products can be imported into Dropified for editing, (change the title, descriptions, and price details), or edited there and then in the browser (via the extension) for import to your store.

The extension works in conjunction with the Dropified web app (meaning you will need to be signed up and using Dropified for it to work).

However, once installed it will help to make product research, selection, and import a lot easier.

So on the subject of installation, how do you about that? Let’s take a look…

How to install the Dropified Chrome Extension?

dropified chrome install

As mentioned above, you will need to signup to Dropified and connect your webstore to Dropified before you can begin, (head here for more on that).

With that completed, you have two options to add the Dropified Extension to your Chrome browser.

Option 1

In my opinion, this is the easiest way. Simply google search Dropified Chrome extension and the top result is the listing in the Chrome Store.

Click this, and then click the blue button +Add to Chrome.

You will then have to click Add Extension. Chrome will relaunch and a small Dropified tab will now be on your Chrome bar.

To connect the extension to your Dropified account, right-click the tab in your Chrome bar, select options, and log in to Dropified with the relevant username and password.

Your webstore(s) details will appear and you will now be able to add products via your browser and the Dropified extension.

Option 2

dropified dashboard chrome extension install

This option is less intuitive and involves adding the extension to Chrome via your Dropified dashboard. It is still relatively easy, it just takes more steps.

So, after logging into Dropified, you should see a list of objectives on the main dashboard home screen.

A box named Goal 1 will state “Add Products to Dropified Boards.” The first step within this is “Step 1: Install Chrome Extension.

Below this, you will find a green box titled: “Install Extension.” Click this.

A window will open to the Google Chrome App Store. Find the blue “Add to Chrome” button and click it. You will then need to confirm that you wish to “Add to Chrome.”

The Dropified Chrome extension will now appear inside your Chrome bar. Click this and ensure that it is logged in and connected to your Dropified account.

You are now ready to begin importing products into Dropified and your webstore.

How to use the Dropified Chrome Extension


The video above provides a good walk-through on how to use the extension for the first time. I will also walk you through some of the finer details.

Searching for Products

choosing products

Using your Chrome browser you can begin looking for products directly from the 3rd party store you wish to import from.

AliExpress is a good example. Simply head to Aliexpress and once you are on the website, click the Dropified extension tab.

You can now search for products on the site, just as you would normally. However, with the extension activated, you have a lot of powerful options at your disposal.

Dropified extensions Search Parameters

The Dropified extenion allows you to select for products based on the following attributes:

  • ePaket Delivery
  • Processing Time
  • By Country
  • Show or Hide non top brand products

These are all very useful filters. After searching for a particular product, you can sort the results to ePaket only and a set processing time.

As a dropshipper this allows you to ensure that only products with fast delivery times are shown.

Searching by country also enables you to look for products that have suppliers based in a particular country. Very helpful if your webstore is targeting a specific location.

Showing and hiding non-top brand products also helps you to define your search parameters, narrowing down options to those that are more relevant to the needs of your eCommerce store.

Saving Products to Dropified

Saving products to Dropified

Save products to your Dropified dashboard is very easy. From within the 3rd party website you are searching, you can simply hover over the product and a + icon will appear.

Click this and the item will be saved into Dropified.

Once you have selected all the products you are interested in, you can head to your Dropified dashboard.

Click saved products from the Product menu and all your saved items will be displayed.

You can then click on any of the products to change all the details that you see fit, (titles, descriptions, prices, etc)

From the same edit screen, you can also click to import the product to your webstore.

Editing and Importing Products Directly from the Browser

importing to webstore

A great feature of the Dropified Chrome extension is that it enables you to edit and import products directly from the Chrome browser, into your eCommerce store.

To do this you simply search for products within the compatible 3rd party website (AliExpress, eBay, etc) with the extension activated.

Click to open the sales page of the product you are interested in and then click the extension tab within the Chrome bar.

This will open an edit screen where you can change the details of the listing.

You can then click to “import” directly to your webstore, or “save for later” for the item to be saved inside your Dropified dashboard.

A fast and efficient way of populating your eCommerce store with quality drop ship products.

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