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An issue that can become complicated during the life of a dropshipping store is a move to another platform.

You may have been using one of the many available dropshipping software services, for example, and decide that the features available on another are better suited to you.

The fact these are often subscription services also means that a competing platform is offering better value for money. In situations such as this, do you stick to what you have been using, or do you make the leap?

The answer will often come down to how easy is it to move?

In the case of Oberlo and Dropified, I am pleased to say the migration is extremely simple.

Let’s take a closer look.

Oberlo Migration Tool – Moving your site to Dropified


The guys over at Dropified haven’t missed a trick when it comes to the ongoing rivalry with Oberlo.

We covered the differences between the two services here, (you can also read a complete in-depth review of Dropified here).

As Dropified gains traction and its popularity increases, Oberlo users are looking to make the switch.

To this end, Dropified now has a free-to-use Oberlo Migration Tool.

If you need to move your existing products and orders from Oberlo to Dropified, this tool can be used to manage a seamless transition.

Migration made easy

The thought of manually adding products and orders to a webstore using a new dropshipping software service is clearly daunting.

With the Oberlo Migration tool, you can complete this task in just a few clicks.

Once you have set up your store with the Dropified app, you activate the migration tool which will connect to your Oberlo account and begin an automated transfer of all the relevant product data and information, including existing orders.

Here’s the process step-by-step

How to use the Oberlo Migration tool
  • Within the Dropified dashboard, head to the Stores menu item and click “Add Store.”
  • Type in the URL of your Oberlo store. Dropified will now connect to that store.
  • Now, head to the products page of your Oberlo store.
  • Click the Dropified Extension.
  • Ensure that your Oberlo store has been selected within the “Import to” dropbox selection.
  • Click “Import All.”
  • A progress bar will appear showing the products being imported into Dropified.
  • Once the process is complete, check the Stores page within Dropified
  • All your Oberlo products should be visible there.
  • All orders from your Oberlo page will also be transferred
  • Good work, you are now running your webstore via Dropified.

As you can see, it is now easier than ever to expand your choice when it comes to dropshipping software.

Don’t get me wrong, Oberlo is a great service. However, if you have recently moved to Dropified, the ability to easily import all your Oberlo products across to Dropified is a real benefit.

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