Dropshipping Products from eBay Using Dropified

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dropified and ebay

Yes, you’ve read the title correctly. Today we are going to look at how you can connect Dropified to your eCommerce store so that you can source and drop ship items FROM eBay.

This of course is a different method than the normal eBay dropship model, which is to source products elsewhere and utilize your eBay account as the storefront for your listed sale items.

So, with that cleared up, let’s take a look at how eBay can actually be your supplier, rather than your selling platform.

Is eBay Good For Dropshipping?


So you might be asking yourself if eBay is a viable source of dropship products. Surely everything on there is already marked up above trade price so that the original seller can make a profit?

Aren’t eBay products too far along the sales chain to be profitable for you?

And what about auctions? Can these be used as drop ship products in your eCommerce store?

The fact is, eBay can be an excellent way to source products. It can be used in a similar way in which you might use AliExpress to find suppliers, the main benefit being that the suppliers you find on eBay will generally be based in the U.S.

The end result is faster and cheaper shipping costs, and a more streamlined approach to your dropshipping, especially when it comes to returns and/or customer issues and inquiries.

However, the best way to leverage suppliers on eBay for dropshipping is to use dedicated dropshipping software.

In this case, we are going to be using Dropified.

eBay & Dropified

Like all good dropship software platforms, Dropified comes with eBay and Shopify integration built-in.

In fact, you pay your subscription based on the integrations that you would like to use. From the ground up, this is what the app is designed to do.

The video above will run you through the full details of the connection process, however, due to the simplicity of the interface, it is very much a process of 1, 2, 3.

An Automated Process


Once you have Dropified installed, a process can be established that is fully automated. Within the app, you can search for eBay suppliers to find the products that you wish to sell.

Installation of Dropified means you will have a Dropified tab at the top of your browser. Once you have found a product type that you like, you press the tab.

dropified and ebay

This allows you to compare products and prices.

The integration with your eCommerce store means that, with a simple click, you can populate your webstore with the products you want to sell.

ebay and dropified 2

You can also view the product within the Dropified dashboard, and make changes to the description and prices before you publish it within your eCommerce store.

dropified & Ebay

Once you have made a sale from your store, Dropified will take care of sending details of the sale to your eBay supplier.

And as you all know the dropship model by now, the supplier takes care of fulfilling the order, sending it directly from their warehouse to the address of the customer.

There is no initial outlay from you in terms of buying stock (that may or may not sell), or the burden of space to store stock before it is sold.

In fact, you will never have to touch the product or packaging in the process of the sale.

The software will also track the order, retrieving details when the product has been shipped, and automatically notify your customer.

As you can see, it is a very simple process. 🙂

Find out more about Dropified in our review here.

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