Dropified Review – The Dropship App to Use in 2022?

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Dropified app review

If you are running a drop-shipping business one of the fundamental issues to overcome is finding the right supplier. They need to stock the products that you want to promote and a price that will end up for a profit for you.

Not only that, the dropship supplier needs to be reliable, offer fast shipping, and be able to deal with returns in a timely, no-nonsense manner.

In fact, the supplier you use can make or break your business. So much so, before I launched my own Shopify store offering drop-shipped products, I looked around for several months for suppliers.

It was until I signed up and started using Dropified, that the process became a lot easier, and I was confident enough to begin.

After working with Dropified for almost a year (one that has been extremely profitable for me despite the Coronavirus outbreak), here’s an in-depth review of my experiences; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Dropified Review Summary

PRICING: [Basic: FREE] / From $29.99 – $39.99 depending on sales platform

The Pros
  • They provide an easy-to-use 14-day trial.
  • Key order fulfillment processes (back-ordering, e-procurement, and inventory management) are automated
  • Access multiple fulfillment services (you’re not limited to one supplier).
  • Only reputable fulfillment entities make the grade for the app
  • Supports both B2B and B2C transactions.
  • The mid plan supports private label shipping
  • Integrates seamlessly with Shopify, Zapier, and WooCommerce and more
  • Excellent Youtube tutorials and 60-day eCommerce training included
The Cons
  • It cannot prevent chargebacks
  • Needs to be integrated with an eCommerce platform in order to work
  • Despite the large range of training materials, learning curve is quite steep
Overall, I am very thankful to have come across the Dropified App. Finding suppliers is so much easier and stress-free when using it. The fact you can use multiple vendors on one account is also a huge benefit. The learning curve is a bit steep, but there is a lot of help available (both on the official Youtube channel and in-house). The integration with Shopify is excellent (in fact the app was originally called Shopified). Essentially, If you are looking to launch a dropshipping store, this app will make it happen.

Who are Dropified?

Dropified is dropshipping automation software that helps link merchants with suppliers and products from all over the world.

The software was purposely designed for Business-to-Customer (B2C) transactions, though it can also support business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

It was started as a dropship automation software that worked only with Shopify, and it was aptly called the Shopified App. Now, however, it can be integrated with various eCommerce platforms, (more on that later).

So far, it has served over 44,700 dropship merchants.

How it Works

Dropified is software that serves as a dropship management system for automating the dropshipping process, and it also supports transaction initiation through integrated third-party apps.

After acquiring a Dropified account, the subscriber is given access to a wide range of suppliers.

The merchant can then import products into their webstore using the Dropified software. Once a purchase is made, the software automatically contacts the supplier with the details of the sale, who will then fulfill the order directly to the customer.

Dropified provides a one-click feature for data import and export allows for one to add or remove a product from the webstore with just a single click.

Data importation allows the merchant to add a product to the webstore, along with the product image, a short description of the product, and some existing product reviews.

Among the key fulfillment entities that Dropified supports are AliExpress for importing China-made goods, and eBay (along with Amazon and Costco) for sourcing products in the US.

There are about 100 fulfillment entities that Dropified provides access to. Data import allows the merchant to populate the webstore with products from the chosen fulfillment entities, and this, in turn, allows you to start selling the goods.

Among the applications that have been integrated with Dropified so as to provide support for business, transactions are the famous Shopify, CommerceHQ, WooCommerce, and GearBubblePRO.

A key advantage of Dropified is clearly the automatic fulfillment process. However, for this to be profitable, the dropship merchant is expected to set a markup price that is slightly higher than the purchase price of the item, and the cumulative costs of shipping and packaging.

For this reason, the merchant should consider where the customer lives and where the fulfillment entity is located, as shipping costs are determined by how far the customer is from the fulfillment entity.

This also means that the markup price for a product increases the further the customer is from the fulfillment entity.

Dropified integrates well with Shopify and allows a merchant to easily add their Shopify account to the Dropified dashboard.

Another important app that Dropified can seamlessly integrate with is Zapier, a task automation app that allows Dropified to be integrated with cloud accounting apps among other business apps.

Features of the Dropified App

dropified dropshipping

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of the Dropified app and how the extension could help your dropshipping business.

Web Browser Extension for Google Chrome

Chrome is the most popular web browser to date, and the use of an extension to quickly log in and log out of the Dropified account is an advantage to dropship merchants using this web browser.

It also makes the process of adding products to the webstore as there is only a one-click step to login into the Dropship dashboard to start the process of populating the webstore with more products.

Easy Customization of Product Image

Dropified allows the merchant to upload the product image into their webstore.

After the image has been uploaded, there are photo editing tools provided by Dropified to help one edit the uploaded image so as to customize it for their webstore.

This also allows the merchant to watermark the image to prevent the illegal use of the customized image.

Automated Markup Pricing

This is a key advantage that Dropified offers to new users. It allows the data import to be synced with the supplier price so that the software can calculate a profitable markup price for the webstore.

Moreover, for experienced drop-ship merchants, this automated markup pricing allows the product price in the webstore to be increased automatically when the supplier raises the price of the item.

This prevents the merchant from processing an order that will lead to a loss.

Simple Availability Synchronization

This feature is designed to ensure that the webstore only displays products that the supplier has in stock.

This means that if the supplier updates its inventory to show that a product is out of stock, the same product on the webstore is immediately listed as out of stock.

As expected, this feature allows for automatic updating of the webstore inventory based on the inventory of the supplier.

Automated Profit Margin

This feature is dependent on automated markup pricing, which allows the merchant to set a fixed profit percentage when instructing the software to determine the markup price based on the supplier price.

This feature that automatically sets the profit margin is useful for selling bulk quantities of products.

Shipping and Returns

Dropified allows the merchant to set down the return policy that will be displayed to the consumer so as to minimize the number of product returns.

The shipping process is handled by the ePacket system of Dropified which allows the supplier to know what address to ship the product to, and what to write in the product receipt.

Relatedly, as expected with dropshipping, the merchant cannot vouch for product quality and does not have any control over the shipping plans of the fulfillment entity, nor its product storage or inventory management.

Dropified Service Plans

Dropified provides a number of service plans, but it does not offer any free plans. Instead, it offers a 14-day trial period. There is also training provided once you sign-up.

1. Import Plan

This was previously known as the Builder Plan and is available for $24 a month (plus 3% of the product cost).

It is the most basic plan on Dropified and allows you to quickly import product details from fulfillment entities into your webstore.

Sourcing products from vendors on Aliexpress, eBay as well as US-based suppliers is made very simple on this plan, and up to 10,000 products can be uploaded to your store at any one time

As with all the Dropified plans, this plan can be billed monthly or annually.

The Import Plan also provides:
  • Access to US fulfillment entities.
  • Quick data import.
  • Automatic back-ordering.
  • One-click auto fulfillment.
  • Product editing following data import. This allows one to customize the product details to suit their webstore.
  • Easy vendor change.
  • Notification about price changes and inventory updates by the supplier(s).
  • Pricing automation.
  • Shipment tracking.
  • Free support.

If the fulfillment entity is a fulfillment center, then the packing slip and receipt attached to the product feature the brand name, logo, and contact details of the fulfillment center.

This can be unsuitable, or disadvantageous, for virtual retailers who have not identified themselves as dropship merchants. To avoid this, one should choose the private label plan.

2. RECOMMENDED PLAN: Private Label on Demand Plan

drop ship plans

The Private Label plan is available and starts at $59 a month (plus a 3% wholesale transaction fee). It is the plan that I subscribe to and I highly recommend it. It allows you to dropship up to 500 products a month, with 5 custom label requests per month too.

I and many webstore owners appreciate the option of creating a brand image, and the private label approach allows this.

If you are not sure what private labeling is, let’s take a quick look…

A drop ship transaction requires the dropship merchant to send over the customer details to the fulfillment entity.

If the merchant instructs the fulfillment entity to package and label the products to appear as if they have originated from the virtual retailer, and then ship off the packaged product directly to the customer using the provided customer address, then the merchant is said to be engaged in private label shipping.

In other words, the product can be sent to your customer directly from the supplier, but have your branding incorporated into the shipping.

This is the essence of the private label plan, and as expected, this plan allows the merchant to work with fulfillment entities that support private label shipping.

On this plan, the packing slip and receipt attached to the product will feature the brand name, logo, and contact details of the dropship merchant.

A word about White Labeling…

Additionally, this plan is well-suited for dropshipping white label products. A white label product is a product, usually made in China, that is not branded and the trader allows the buyer to brand, i.e give the product a tradename (also called brand name) and logo.

The customer of white label products can be another retail business, and this shows that Dropified supports B2C transactions.

Overall, this is the best plan for a dropshipping merchant that needs private and/or white labeling features. If you opt for the $97/mo plan (billed annually) you will also benefit from up to 2000 orders per month and no transaction fees on top.

This Private Label plan provides all the features of the import plan plus the following:

  • CallFlex
  • Advanced profit dashboard.
  • Captcha solver to prevent spammers from wasting internet bandwidth assigned to the webstore.

On all plans, Dropified provides a 60-day eCommerce training to its subscribers to help them build viable webstores that break-even at the earliest time possible.

Supported (paid) Add-Ons

These are add-ons that one pays for separately from the paid plans.

The main add-ons are:

  • CallFlex for creating custom toll-free numbers for the webstore.
  • Google Shopping feeds.
  • AliExtractor is an advanced proprietary product research tool that works in AliExpress. It is used to find and collate details of products available in AliExpress.
  • Facebook feeds.

Dropified vs The Competition (Wholesale2B, Inventory Source & More)














(Ship 20 Products/mo Free)

14 Trial




(Free to view, + 14 Day Trial)


17 Platforms Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Facebook ewCid, XML..

2 Platforms Ebay, Amazon

Platforms inc. Shopify, Ebay, WooCom, AliExpress, GrooveKart

Platforms inc. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Shopify, Jet

6+ Platforms Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, Wix, WooCom

9 Platforms Amazon, Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, Ecwid



(Image & Product Descriptions)


(Image & Product Descriptions)

1 Click Import (with 100+ sites)


NA (Print on Demand)


(V50 Best Interface)



US Based Products & Shipping


US Based





Via SOG,

30 Day Returns 

Recommends Refund Policy





Website Learning Resource

YouTube Videos

Free Video Courses

Website Resources & FB Group

Website Learning Resource

Website Resources & Chatbot Guide



(Upon Removal of Integration)


(Monthly Billing Cycle)


(Monthly Billing Cycle)


(Monthly Billing Cycle)


(Monthly Billing Cycle)


(Monthly Billing Cycle)


DEPENDS ON INTEGRATION $27.99 - $38.99/mo



Starter: $24/mo

Mid-Level $47/mo

Private Label:



Directory: Free

Semi-Auto: $99/mo

Full-Auto: $150/mo 


Starter Plan: Free

Premium (10 Stores):

$24.99/mo  Enterprise (Unlimited Stores): CALL 


Starter: $24/mo



Empire: $99/mo 

Vault50 recently awarded Dropified the best all-around drop-ship platform currently available. This definitely matches my experience using the hub. I loved the easy integration and the learning resources that are available on the website.

Wholesale2B has been recommended due to the number of platform integrations it has. It also benefits from a transparent pricing structure associated with each one.

Printify has also scored well this year. This print-on-demand dropshipping hub is designed to cater to those looking to drop ship apparel. They offer a remarkable free plan for starter businesses, while also having the capacity to support companies with large-volume sales.

Finally, a relative newcomer on the block is Spocket. They have a very clean interface and take a thoroughly modern approach to the design of the software. The real plus point for Spocket however, is that they have EU-based suppliers as well as US ones.

If you are looking to sell products within the UK or European Union, it really is the best dropship platform in 2022.

Essentially, there are a number of drop-ship services available. Looking into the strengths and weaknesses of each will help you choose the correct one for you.

Pros & Cons of Using Dropified

pros and cons

Pros of using Dropified for dropshipping
  • Provides automatic back-ordering.
  • Comes with a 14-day trial.
  • Automates the key order fulfillment processes of back-ordering, e-procurement, and inventory management.
  • Allows the dropship merchant to access multiple fulfillment entities.
  • Works with reputable fulfillment entities that ship their products, thus preventing double dropshipping, and outright scam where the customer does not receive their requested products.
  • Supports both B2B and B2C transactions.
  • Supports private label shipping which eliminates the need for blind shipping.
  • Integrates well with Shopify and Zapier.
  • On-demand training.
  • Shipment tracking.
The Cons
  • It cannot prevent a chargeback, thus exposing the virtual retailer to losses made from product returns, and penalties charged by payment processors.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I am very thankful to have come across the Dropified App. Finding suppliers is so much easier and stress-free when using it.

The fact you can use multiple vendors on one account is also a huge benefit. The learning curve is a bit steep, but there is a lot of help available (both on the official Youtube channel and the 60 days of training that is provided upon signup)

The integration with Shopify is excellent (in fact the app was originally called Shopified). Essentially, If you own or aim to launch a dropshipping store, this app will make it happen.

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