Wholesale2b Review – My Experience Starting a Drop Shipping Business

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stock in warehouse

During the pandemic, I took the plunge and started a drop-shipping business. I had been looking into this as a side-line venture for a couple of years but was always doubtful that I would be able to find reliable enough suppliers to make it work.

However, more recently, my other online businesses had gained some traction and were doing okay. I also had more spare time as both kids were finally in school, (thankfully lockdown didn’t last too long where I live).

The research into drop-shipping moved into overdrive, and I came across Wholesale2B.

On the surface, it seemed as if my earlier concerns about finding reputable suppliers would be solved.

After checking out what they had to offer, I signed up to Wholesale2B and after purchasing their monthly Shopify plan, launched my first dropshipping store.

Here’s an in-depth review of Wholesale2B, the services they provide, and my experiences using them over the last 10 months.

Wholesale2B Review Summary

PRICING: [Basic: FREE] / From $29.99 – $39.99 depending on sales platform

The Pros
  • Completely free to signup and view products
  • Wide range of integration across sales platforms
  • Easy to set up and import products, set prices etc
  • One-click processing of sales
  • Excellent overall pricing
The Cons
  • The knowledge center lacks details
  • Product descriptions can be dull (but you can edit them)
  • Support team only available through email or support ticket, and can be slow to respond.
Overall, I have been extremely happy using Wholesale2B to help launch my dropshipping business. The service is convenient, easy to use and affordable. The integration across platforms is excellent. If you have been thinking about starting a dropshipping venture, you will not be disappointed opting to do it with Wholesale2B.

Who are Wholesale2b?


Wholesale2B is a provider of dropship products. They connect people like you and me, (those that would like to start an online business but do not want to buy and store stock), with wholesale suppliers looking for ways to reach more customers.

The Wholesale2B website features over 1 million dropship products from a wide range of suppliers both in the USA and abroad.

The service provides product content data, selling tools, and sales and inventory analysis as well as direct integration with a whole host of online sales platforms, (eBay, Amazon, and Shopify to name but a few).

In short, if you want to start a dropshipping company a great way of going about it, is using a service such as Wholesale2B.

Hang on, hang on, but what is drop-shipping?

dropshipping explained

Many of you that have reached this review will be familiar with the concept of drop shipping.

However, for those that are not, drop shipping is where the person selling the products (i.e me via my Shopify website) doesn’t actually own the stock.

Through Wholesale2B I am connected with the supplier. When a customer purchases a product on my site, the order is sent through to the supplier who will package the product up and send it directly to the buyer.

Payment from the buyer is received by me through my website. I then pass that across to the supplier, taking whatever % increase I added onto the ticket price.

Get enough traffic to your site and make enough sales, and you have a nice income with none of the hassle of buying and managing stock.

Anyway, on with the review…

What to expect when you sign up to Wholesale2B

ecommerce dropshipping

One thing I really loved about Wholesale2B is that you can sign up without handing over any credit card details and then have complete access to view the list of available products.

As I have said, I have looked into starting a dropshipping venture for a long time. However, the problem is that the internet is full of less than reputable services trying to sell you access to wholesale suppliers. It really is a minefield.

With Wholesale2B I was able to sign up with my email and literally check out what products they could connect me with, completely free of charge.

It also helped me plan what kind of store I wanted to launch. Honestly, it was exciting to start browsing the many suppliers and to begin visualizing the type of venture I would build.

Below is a screenshot of the product list pages

Searching for Products & Suppliers

Wholesale2b product search

Searching for products is easy within Wholesale2B. Everything is categorized clearly, and the search interface works very well.

All inventory is also searchable by keyword, UPC, and by ASIN. Once you have selected a top category you can also start browsing products by image.

Wholesale2B searching baby products

As I’ve already mentioned, it costs nothing to access all of this information. Even for research purposes, if you are looking to start a dropshipping business, signing up to Wholesale2B to view the product lists is worthwhile.

The Wholesale2B system is integrated with over 100 dropship suppliers, (and at last count, over 1.5 million products).

Baby stroller price via supplierThe wholesale prices are competitive too. There are massive discounts to you as a merchant, meaning you can create a viable business using these suppliers. The profit margins are definitely there.

The screenshot here shows potential earnings on something like a stroller. With a list price of $282.99 and a supplier wholesale price of just $94.88, you could still afford to offer the item at a heavy discount and still make money.

High-ticket-priced items like this are my favorite due to the potential for better margins.

Automated processing with suppliers

automated processing with suppliers
Wholesale2B provide 1-click processing of orders with Suppliers

Another great feature within the Wholesale2B system is the level of automation between the processing of orders on your site, and the suppliers that have to deliver the products.

A 1 click system is enough for the order to be sent to the supplier, (you don’t have to track or remember which supplier is dealing with which product for instance).

There’s no need for explanatory emails or for sending address details etc. All vital data is sent to the supplier and the team at Wholesale2B will take care of the rest.

Tracking Codes and Returns

delivery tracking

One area where dropshipping can seem problematic is the issue of returns.

If there’s a problem with a defective product, or non-delivery, etc, the customer will clearly come directly to you with their complaint.

This is to be expected and as long as you have an easy-to-use contact page and answer emails promptly, the customer-facing side of any complaints shouldn’t be an issue.

Thankfully, the logistics of such complications are taken care of via the Wholesale2b system. Tracking codes for delivery are handled with the interface, as is the arrangement and tracking of any return requests.

It really does make running a drop shipping business a streamlined as it could possibly be.

Integration with online sales platforms

dropship plan
Screenshot of Wholesale2B sales platform selection

A key feature of Wholesale2B is the ability to fully integrate with whatever platform you have or are planning on launching your business on.

For example, I have chosen Shopify. It is one of the most popular online sales platforms and has a ton of great features. I have also used it before when designing sites for clients so it was a no-brainer for me.

The list of platforms that Wholesale2B can integrate with is long, however. Want to launch an Amazon store, you can. eBay, Weebly, Woocommerce, even ECWID stores are catered for.

There is a catch, however, (but not really, Wholesale2B has to make their money from somewhere), to access marketplace integration you need to purchase the relevant monthly plan.

For instance, in order to have my Wholesale2B suppliers and products integrated into my Shopify store, I pay $29.99 a month.

And believe me when I say that is very little. To have the convenience of having everything directly imported into my online store and 1 click processing with suppliers is possibly the best value for money service I have ever had in all my time as an internet entrepreneur.

But I am getting carried away, let’s look at the process of integrating with your marketplace platform of choice.

My experience using Wholesale2B with Shopify

working on laptop

Creating my Shopify store

With my Shopify store ready in terms of the layout and template that I wanted to use, I could move on populating it with products via Wholesale2B.

Creating my list of products

The first step was to create a list of products that I wanted to sell. This was easily done using the Wholesale2B system. My site covers outdoor pursuits, so I began to select mid-range priced items from various outdoor orientated categories.

(I went for mid-range as I believe high-priced items are difficult to sell via your own store until you have a reputation. Low-priced items do not have a good enough margin to interest me).

Purchasing the Wholesale2B Shopify App

With my list complete (you can always add and remove products later), it was time to purchase the Shopify app to connect with the Wholesale2B system.

This is very easy to do, (they want to convert you into a paying customer after all). Once signed up for the monthly plan, I was given access to the app that I just needed to install within my Shopify store.

Nothing complicated there.

Note: The monthly billing of the app is actually handled via Shopify so it will appear on the invoice from them.

Setting Prices for the products

Depending on the number of products you are importing into your store, you may want to use a global markup rather than price things individually.

Both are easy enough to do from within Wholesale2B.

With my list complete, I decided to mark prices individually. This was also another way of becoming familiarized with the products I was intending to sell.

After setting prices you can then view data on your overall potential profits and margins and tweak accordingly if you please.

Once happy, it is time to switch your list to being live.

Products Automatically imported into your Store

This is where the magic takes place. With your list set to live, and connection with the app configured, the products along with images, details, and prices will automatically begin loading onto your website.

This took about 5 minutes in my experience.

I then spent some time going through and giving some of the products better descriptions that I thought would increase conversions.

(That would be one complaint of the descriptions provided by the supplier, they can be a bit dull).

With a little more tweaking to get the Shopify store how I wanted it to look, I was ready to start promoting and ultimately making some sales.

My experiences actually managing a store with Wholesale2B

children on laptop

Fortunately for me, I have used Facebook advertising in the past on a viral curation venture that I created back in 2015, (don’t hate me, but I tried to get in on the clickbait action when those types of sites were hot; to a moderate degree of success).

Anyway, I was able to pay for targeted traffic using Facebook ads at the very launch of the store and it wasn’t long before the first orders started coming in.

And now, I am happy to say that the integration with Wholesale2B really has made this business easy to manage.

The App automatically takes orders from my Shopify store, and as described above, with one click these can be sent through to the supplier for processing.

I didn’t know this until I started managing the business, but the team at Wholesale2B will then handle the actual order with the supplier on your behalf. No annoying to and froes if there are issues.

An example of the kinds of reports you can access from within Wholesale2b

Tracking orders are handled by the system and automatically sent to my store.

You can also receive updates on top-selling items so that you can track trends and offer relevant, popular products; a feature that I have used extensively in updating my sales list.

Daily inventory updates are also delivered straight to the store so I don’t have to worry about tracking whether a supplier has something in stock.

In fact, hardly any of the management procedures have to be done manually. It really is an incredible system to work with.

Changing or updating the list couldn’t be simpler either. It’s just a case of removing items that I don’t wish to sell anymore and adding new ones. The app then takes care of populating my website with the changes.

Costs of Integration with other marketplaces

us dollars

I realize that I have only really covered the Wholesale2B service in line with my experience integrating it with Shopify.

However, it seems that integration with other platforms follows a very similar procedure. Each has its own app, that once installed allows you to import your Wholesale2B list of products directly onto your storefront.

All dropshipping management features then remain the same. Updating prices, automatic updates, etc, the system will take care of these for you.

Prices do vary depending on the platform that you use. The price list and summary details below are direct from the Wholsale2B website.

Dropship on Ebay

Dropship on Amazon

Dropship on Woocommerce

Dropship to ECWID

Dropship to Weebly

Dropship to website

Multi-plan Discount

If you plan to sell on multiple channels you can purchase 4 dropship plans for $82.99 per month, or $599.99 for the year. That’s potentially a saving of 40%.

The dropship DIY plan

Wholesale2B also offers a DIY plan that doesn’t involve any integration with a 3rd party sales platform. This is useful for anyone creating their own website and only wants to cut and paste a few products onto the site.

This manual approach costs just $67.00 a year.

But it is time-consuming (if you plan on lots of products) and you do not get access to any of the selling tools, and obviously automatic importing of products.

The orders and correspondence with the suppliers are still handled by Wholesale2B however.

Knowledge Center

knowledge center

To get people started using the system, Wholesale2B has a growing list of knowledge articles. These cover everything from the specifics of the various apps, to tutorials and videos about dropshipping in general.

The content about the actual interface can be useful, however, I felt that the drop-shipping advice lacked detail when compared to some of the guides you can get by conducting a simple Google or Youtube search.

There’s a lot of bloggers out there with plenty of good advice on the subject of drop shipping, (just be wary of the ones trying to sell you some kind of supplier list or overpriced course – it really is unnecessary).

The Pros and Cons of using Wholesale2B

pros and cons

After 6 months of using Wholesale2B and having a dropshipping business that is doing pretty well in all honesty, here’s my take on the good and bad points of the service.

Pros of using Wholesale2B for dropshipping
  • Huge list of products from multiple suppliers – all validated by them.
  • Completely free to signup to see the long list of products
  • Wide range of integration across most of the major marketplace platforms
  • Very easy to set up and import products into your platform of choice
  • Setting and managing price and profits are intuitive
  • Automatic systems such as inventory update and order tracking make running the site a breeze too.
  • Top selling item reports are really useful in keeping the store listed with popular items
  • No need to deal with the supplier, one-click processing and the rest is done for you.
  • Overall pricing is very competitive – there’s a lot of value for money here
The Cons
  • The knowledge center could be better as the tutorials lack detail
  • Some of the product descriptions are dull, requiring you to update with better sales copy
  • Getting someone on the line from Wholesale2B is difficult. The only mode of contact is email or web ticket which means you can’t get an instant answer if and when you run into problems.
  • The wait for customer service is average 2, in the one case I needed it, the response took 2 days, (it did solve my issue though)

Wholesale2B vs The Competition (Dropified, Source of Goods, & More)














(Ship 20 Products/mo Free)

14 Trial




(Free to view, + 14 Day Trial)


17 Platforms Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Facebook ewCid, XML..

2 Platforms Ebay, Amazon

Platforms inc. Shopify, Ebay, WooCom, AliExpress, GrooveKart

Platforms inc. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Shopify, Jet

6+ Platforms Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, Wix, WooCom

9 Platforms Amazon, Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, Ecwid



(Image & Product Descriptions)


(Image & Product Descriptions)

1 Click Import (with 100+ sites)


NA (Print on Demand)


(V50 Best Interface)



US Based Products & Shipping


US Based





Via SOG,

30 Day Returns 

Recommends Refund Policy





Website Learning Resource

YouTube Videos

Free Video Courses

Website Resources & FB Group

Website Learning Resource

Website Resources & Chatbot Guide



(Upon Removal of Integration)


(Monthly Billing Cycle)


(Monthly Billing Cycle)


(Monthly Billing Cycle)


(Monthly Billing Cycle)


(Monthly Billing Cycle)


DEPENDS ON INTEGRATION $27.99 - $38.99/mo



Starter: $24/mo

Mid-Level $47/mo

Private Label:



Directory: Free

Semi-Auto: $99/mo

Full-Auto: $150/mo 


Starter Plan: Free

Premium (10 Stores):

$24.99/mo  Enterprise (Unlimited Stores): CALL 


Starter: $24/mo



Empire: $99/mo 

Wholesale2B scores highly compared to the competition. Other dropshipping services have been reviewed here on Vault50, and as you can see, Wholesale2B has been recommended based on a large number of integrations it supports alongside the transparent pricing structure. My experience supports this view completely.

However, Dropified also comes highly recommended. In fact, the V50 crew have voted this the best all-around dropship package for 2022.

It has an intuitive interface and quality learning resources. The level of integration is good too. They also offer Private Label dropshipping.

Printify scored well for those looking to dropship apparel. It is a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier hub that empowers small businesses to start a custom clothing enterprise.

The fact it offers a free plan for starter businesses makes this a very interesting prospect. (It is also designed to cater to established businesses with large volume apparel sales). If I was moving into apparel I would certainly like to give Printify a try.

Finally, there is Spocket, a modern dropship platform with a very clean interface. Spocket is Vault50’s top pick for anyone looking to drop ship EU-based products as it features European suppliers as well as US ones.

The Bottom Line

Overall I have been extremely happy with using Wholesale2B to help launch my dropshipping business. The service is convenient, easy to use and in my opinion very affordable.

Although I started this process with a good knowledge of web design and eCommerce in general, I am confident that even complete novices would be able to get up and running relatively quickly using the Wholesale2B system.

The lack of direct in-house support is a bit of a shame; waiting on email and raised tickets for assistance is negative. Having said that, I have had very little in the way of issues that required help from a Wholesale2B representative, (it is early days though).

This is a small gripe, on what is essentially a great way of getting involved with dropshipping.  I am very satisfied that I made the leap using the Wholesale2B Shopify service.

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