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If you are at the beginning of your Shopify eCommerce journey you may be at the stage of choosing the theme for your first website.

If this is the case, you may well have come across the very popular Debutify theme.

This is a free theme with a lot of great functionality (that only increases if you opt for the premium version).

The fact it is free has made it a common choice for beginning Shopify users. It is also a go-to choice for dropshippers as it comes dropship ready.

For a full review of the Debutify theme, you can head here.

If you have already installed the free version and would like to know what it can do, and how to use it, keep on reading.

What is Debutify?

Debutify is a versatile Shopify theme builder app that allows users to custom-build their eCommerce store in order to make sales.

In fact, it is true to say that Debutify offers its users (Shopify merchants) easier, yet more advanced theme customization than Shopify provides on its platform.

Whether this is one of the reasons the app is not listed in the Shopify app store at the time of writing, is open to debate.

The fact is, the Debutify theme app has acquired a lot of attention from Shopify users and currently has a large number of installs.

Throughout this success the theme has garnered highly positive feedback, which reviews on the site can testify:


Why install the Debutify theme?

There are a number of reasons merchants are installing and using Dubutify in their droves. Let’s take a brief look at some of the more important ones:

It is free to install

We all love a freebie. Debutify has managed to stand out in a crowded marketplace due to the fact the standard version is free to install.

This has everything you need to launch your eCommerce store and customize it in a way that will help promote sales from the start.

As your needs grow, you can sign up for a monthly subscription (that starts at $9.50 a month) and access more advanced features.

That being said, most of what follows is available on the free version too.

Quality courses for beginners

Debutify knows its audience well. Being such a popular theme for beginners, the app creators have produced lots of helpful guidance videos and tutorials in order to guide new users through the process of launching their store.

Whether you need a little information about a specific function or a full course that takes you through all the fundamentals, you’ll find what you need on the Debutify website and/or YouTube.

The video courses also include live Q&As, hints on how to source products, dropshipping tips, and a whole lot more.

Dropshipping compatible

Debutify themes are 100% ready for dropshipping, straight out of the box. Whether you are using a Shopify software app such as Dropified to populate your website with dropship products or integrating via a simple CVS spreadsheet, Debutify is designed to showcase these products along with the means to manage them, in a clean and efficient way.

In fact, dropshipping merchants are one of Debutify’s biggest market bases, with an enviable record of experience and satisfied customers.

Available in multiple languages (20+ at last count)

20 languages Free-Shopify-Theme-Debutify

Shopify is a global platform, as is dropshipping and eCommerce in general.

If you are targeting countries around the world, or if your audience is not English speaking, it will not matter.

With Debutify you can reach a global audience as the themes are available in over 20 languages.

This increases business opportunities exponentially.

Fast page speed loading times

Never has there been a time to ensure that your website is optimized for fast loading and excellent user experience.

In June 2020, Google is releasing its Page Experience update. This is a change to the search algorithm that will see websites with poor page load speed (and overall bad user experience), slip lower in the rankings.

You do not want to be on the negative side of this change.

Not only will a fast page load speed put you in good stead with Google, but it will also help keep customers on your site rather than flicking to look elsewhere.

Debutify is designed to address this issue with an average of 2s or lower average page loading time. You cannot afford to overlook this.

Free Lifetime Updates

A Debutify user also benefits with free lifetime updates. This ensures the look, function, speed, and security of your eCommerce store stay up to date and relevant.

Another important factor in ensuring that sales stay healthy and high.

24/7 Live Support


Finally, a Debutify user has access to 24/7 support. The customer service is top-notch here and is yet another reason the theme app has become so popular and widely used.

As I reach the end of the list of great things about Debutify, I realize that this sounds more like a sales pitch than anything.

This is not my intention… it just really is a quality package that is worth diving into if you are building your first Shopify store.

(Our full review does cover Debutify in a broader, more comprehensive manner, so don’t forget to check that out too).

Getting started with Debutify

So now we reach the stage where you’re installing Debutify and beginning to build and customize your Shopify store.

The video above will walk you through these steps. Also, heading to the learning center on the Debutify website will lift the lid off the many features of the theme and how to use them.

Have fun, I’m excited for you… a new world of eCommerce success awaits you. 🙂

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