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If you have visited any of the many online canvas printing services we have discussed here on Vault50, you may have been overwhelmed by the choice.

Not only are there thousands of prints to choose from, but there are also the variables such as the size of print, styles, finish borders, and framing.

Well, we are going to look at one of those variables today so you have a better understanding of what to choose.

Selecting an appropriate frame for your canvas art will hopefully be a breeze after reading this guide.

Choosing a Frame for your Canvas Prints

canvas frames

Just as different hairstyles look good or bad on a particular face, a single frame does not suit all art.

This makes selecting the right frame for your prints an important factor.

Not only do you need to consider the size and thickness of the frame, the color, and material it is made from will also have an impact.

Wood, gold, metal, silver, and leaf are all types of frames you could potentially opt for. Budget will certainly have a say in this (a large gold frame is clearly more expensive than a wooden alternative), as will your own aesthetic preference.

However, the size of the image, its surroundings, and the content of the print can help steer you in the direction of a particular frame style.

So, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider when choosing a frame for your canvas prints.

Choosing a Frame – Some helpful Tips

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Match the frame to the print

This may sound obvious, however, some people get caught up trying to match frames with those that are already in place.

If you intend to hang the framed print next to others, think more about how that frame will look with the image inside, not the neighboring pieces.
If you have an assortment of prints on the wall, (in terms of subject matter and style) the frames should not be uniform.

If you do this, the chances are not all will suit the image they are framing.

Take each piece as a singular entity. Frame accordingly and then look for how it fits the rest of the room, (and choose the hanging position based on that).

Framing with the room in mind

canvas frames

In some instances, you will intend to frame a print and make this a centerpiece to a room, (above a mantlepiece for example).

This will involve a delicate balance of ensuring that you frame to match the print (point one above), while also choosing something that is complementary to the finish of the room.

An obvious example here is choosing a baroque style frame with elaborate motifs and positioning this within the sparse minimalism of a contemporarily decorated room.

This can work if done well of course. However, if in many cases you will fail if the frame and artwork do not sufficiently complement the rest of the room

A word about Mats

mats canvas frame

The mat is the border area between the edge of the canvas print and the start of the frame.

These are also important factors in the finished result. The right-sized mat will help distinguish the image from the frame, enhancing the overall effect and making it stand out.

Generally, the thickness of the frame should be thinner than the mat that you use. The wide mat helps make the subject pop from the canvas.

This means the size of frame you choose needs to accommodate an appropriate mat.

That being said, not all canvas prints require a mat, (I happen to prefer the addition), so it is good to make this decision before your search for a frame begins.

Final words

Whatever frame you choose, the end result should compliment the print, plus the room, while also helping the image to stand out from its surroundings.

There are many options available, but hopefully, this guide has helped you be more informed.

Failing that, you can always opt for a stretched, block canvas print that doesn’t need a frame in the first place.

Although again, the choice there is wide too.

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