Printify Review – The Best Print-on-Demand Service to Use?


Printify is an eCommerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to sell print-on-demand merchandise online. However, this is a crowded marketplace with options such as Sellfy offering similar features. Does Printify do enough to stand out above the competition? That’s exactly what we will look into today. What follows is an in-depth review of Printify, and whether … Read more

JivoChat Review – My Thoughts After Using the Service

jivochat My thoughts

There are a large number of chatbots, customer support suites available today. The technology is advancing all the time, enabling even small enterprises to offer chat services on their websites for little cost. However, with the many software options on the market available, all with varying packages, prices, and levels of service it can be … Read more

Target Test Prep Review – THE GMAT PREP COURSE TO TAKE?

student target test prep review

Applying to business school is a big step, and admission is competitive. The best schools are extremely stringent and only the exceptional candidates get through. To stand above the rest, taking an exam that is purpose-built for business school is a very wise choice. That’s where the GMAT exam comes in. Designed by business schools … Read more

Best Walking Foot Sewing Machines (2021 REVIEW)

What is the best walking foot sewing machine on the market today? There’s a number of answers to that question. The biggest issue of all, of course, is your specific needs. Do you require an industrial, high-duty model for commercial-style applications? Or are you looking for a smaller model to do some leatherwork from home? … Read more