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A Whiteboard Paint Review Comparison is an independent review guide covering business and educational products and software. This website contains affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking these links.

Whiteboard paint is a fantastic way of adding a funky, collaboration-friendly environment to your office space.

Both large organizations and small business enterprises can benefit from decking out a wall in this versatile coating. More and more companies are using it today.

Let’s face it, a whole section of wall you can write on is much more interesting than the tired old whiteboard, stuck in the corner of a meeting room.

Because of the increase in popularity, there are a number of brands now manufacturing whiteboard paint.

We recently reviewed 5 of the best whiteboard paint products currently on the market here. The results of our tests can be viewed in the table below.

Best Dry Erase Wall Paint – Top 5

White-board finish
Easy to apply
Odorless paint
10-year warranty
IdeaPaint Pro
Series White
Board Paint
Single Coat
Supports HVLP spray
Low Glare
10-year warranty
Writey Board
Hi-Gloss Dry
Erase Paint
Requires two coats
Ready in 3days
Spray or roller
Krylon Dry-Erase
Spray Paint
Requires two coats
Best with dry-erase
markers, low glare
Rust-Oleum White
Dry Erase Wall
Ready in 48hours
Low-odor paint
Cost effective

In the video below you can also watch a comparison of 3 of the leaders in the field.

Whiteboard paint comparison review: IdealPaint vs Rustoleum vs Remarkable

Image Credit: Nothing but good ideas