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Whiteboard paint is a fantastic way of adding a funky, collaboration friendly environment to your office space.

Both large organizations and small business enterprises can benefit from decking out a wall in this versatile coating. More and more companies are using it today.

Let’s face it, a whole section of wall you can write on is much more interesting than the tired old whiteboard, stuck in the corner of a meeting room.

Because of the increase in popularity, there are a number of brands now manufacturing whiteboard paint.

You can get the full low down on some of the best whiteboard paint products currently on the market here.

However, in the video below you can also watch a comparison of 3 of the leaders in the field.

In the coming weeks we aim to get our hands on these products to give you the Vault50, in depth review. We will give you the low down on the pros and cons of each to give you want we consider is the best whiteboard paint to buy.

Whiteboard paint comparison review: IdealPaint vs Rustoleum vs Remarkable

Image Credit: Nothing but good ideas

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