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Excel is a very handy tool. Whether you’re just an irregular user that likes to jot down some monthly account numbers or a fully-fledged accountant that requires all the major features, this versatile software from Microsoft has been the leading spreadsheet tool for decades.

However, no matter how much you use the software, we can all benefit from being more competent with it.

The more you learn about excel, the faster your processes become and the more you can actually get out of it.

After taking an excel course on Udemy, I’ve leveraged ways of using spreadsheets for many areas of my business. In short, it is an extremely useful tool.

Anyway, enough of singing its praises. You’re here because you want to learn more about using excel.

In this top 5 round-up, I have listed the best resources for getting up to speed with excel. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, the below list will have something for you.

So if you are ready? Let’s get started.

1. Udemy Excel Courses

Udemy is the only paid resource I have added to this list. However, with the budget prices of most excel courses (and the fact it is nearly possible to obtain such prices all year round), the outlay is minimal compared to what you get.

Essentially, you get a fully comprehensive video course for less than $20 in most cases.

If you check out my top 10 list of excel udemy courses here you will see what ones to go for dependant on your skill level. There’s something here for everyone.

An excellent resource that I highly recommend.

2. Microsoft’s Excel Training Center


You often can’t beat going directly to the source when it comes to learning software. Here the Big M has put together lots of valuable information for those wanting to get to grips with any aspect of Excel.

Starter to experienced, the Office Training Center has tons of information on all Office applications.

The materials are broken up into free tutorials, easy-to-consume videos, and guides.

The information also covers all platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone), where you might use Excel.

The resources are also divided by Excel ability, meaning you can begin at whatever level your skillset is at.

And if you have a particular query, the search function works wonders, often giving you a formula and solution for the specific issue you have.

To cap it all, the Excel training center is absolutely free to use.

3. The Spreadsheet Page


The Spreadsheet Page is another excellent FREE resource for learning about excel.

The site is literally bursting at the seams with helpful guides, tips, and articles written and collected by an Excel expert named John Walkenbach.

Walkenbach has written more than 60 Excel books for users of all levels, and a lot of that content is available on this wonderful website.

Because he is an expert at helping people learn excel, the information is presented in a really easy to consume way. It is also organized so that excel users of all levels can quickly find what they need.

Their simple to implement quick tips on everything from formatting, formulas, charts, and graphics, and printing. It also dives into the more advanced features such as pivot tables and Excel search functions.

I especially rate the downloads section for the wealth of useful excel templates and free workbooks and add-ins that users can access and use for their own spreadsheet projects.

While there’s less in the way of full courses available on the site (like you would get with Udemy), the sheer amount of information on the site makes it well worth a visit.


excel spreadsheets

MrExcel is another great resource. The best part of this one is the interactive message board. This is visited by advanced excel users from all over the world that are willing to give a helping hand and share their knowledge.

This also means that non-English speakers can gain access to important information as you can ask questions in your native tongue and can expect a reply.

The questions range from standard Excel tasks and solutions to those looking for help solving an “emergency.”

Beyond the message board, there is also a library of helpful Excel books and ebooks for you to access and download.

Finally, it is even possible to hire an Excel consultant from the website.


spreadsheet charts

My final recommended resource is the quaintly old-school

Seemingly unchanged in design since its launch in 2007, over the last 15 or so years, the site has become a massive resource of excel and charting tips and guidance.

As the founder of the blog at states, he has one goal: “to make you awesome at Excel.”

At the time of writing, there are around 500 articles and tutorials dedicated to using Excel and creating charts.

There’s also a bit of a community on the blog, however not to the scale of Mr. Excel.

As you’d expect with this amount of information, the website covers everything from beginner aspects of Excel, right up to issues experienced users might encounter.

Well worth checking out.

Final Words

And there you have it, my top 5 list. If you’re looking for a paid course that will hold your hand through the learning process, Udeny is the platform to go for.

If, however, you just want to dive in and see what’s on offer or find the solution to a particular excel based problem, the other free resources will certainly help.

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