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Udemy is a very popular eLearning platform with thousands of courses on offer. During the Pandemic uptake for the courses was said to have surged over 400%.

It is easy to see why. What better way to spend your time in isolation than doing an online course.

And it seems as we move out of the highest of the pandemic the number of students and courses available will remain high.

However, if you have taken an interest in pursuing a Udemy course, you may have noticed the regular sales that take place.

Very frequently, the price of a course can be slashed from close to $200, all the way down to less than $20.

In this article, we will look into how often these take place. If you are looking to take a course, is it worth holding on for the next sale? Or is the way to get around it and access sale prices all the time?

How often has Udemy had sales over the last 12 months?

udemy sales

It is difficult to count the number of sales that Udemy has had over the last 12 months, however, we do know of strategic seasonal sales throughout the year.

Let’s take a closer look

Marketed Udemy Sales of 2020
  • January: New Years promotions across all courses
  • February: A month without specific sales, but had 3-day flash sales throughout
  • March: Valentines course sales mid-month
  • April: Covid sale at the beginning of the lockdown
  • May: Mother’s Day sales on specific courses
  • June: A Mid-year madness sales
  • July: Summer holiday sales
  • August: Back to school sales
  • September: 3 days flash sales sporadically throughout the month
  • October: Popular courses are given an autumn boost with sales
  • November: Black FCyber and cyber Monday sales
  • December: Christmas sales

As you can see, that is a large sale every calendar month. However, what about the more non-descript sales that are held?

Frequent sales based on browser cookies

browser cookies

The fact is, Udemy uses cookies to know if you are a new visitor to the site. This is a common practice within eCommerce.

For new users, a sale will be offered to entice you to purchase. You may recognize the “3 days until the normal price returns” angle.

This causes a sense of urgency in the potential customer. If you do not purchase now, you will have to pay the full price for a course soon.

Low and behold, if you return to the site after the number of days has passed, the full price will now be advertised. You missed the boat and will have to the normal amount.

There is a way around this, however.

Using Incognito mode

If you visit Udemy in Incognito mode, the website will not be able to access the cookies that it placed into your browser at an earlier date.

Therefore, the Udemy website will think it is your first visit. This in turn means the sale price will be available to you.

With this information, it is clear that Udemy sales are in fact available all year round.

Clearing the browser cache

Another way of removing those original cookies and making the Udemy website think it is your first visit is to clear the cache of your browser.

On most browsers, this will be found within the history tab. From here, looking for caching and press clear.

Upon reloading the Udemy website, those discounted prices will be revealed once more.

Is this practice untoward?

closing down sale

To a degree, this may seem like a deceptive practice on the behalf of Udemy. However, many eCommerce businesses utilize similar marketing methods.

It is just an extension of the shoe store on the high street with banners all over the windows saying closing down sale. We all know the type, in many cases it seems as if the store has been “closing down” for years.

It is just another way of inducing the urgency factor. If you don’t buy now, you will miss out.

The great thing with the Udemy sales is that now you know how they work, you will never miss out.

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