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We’ve taken a different approach to our review of CorpNet as part of our overview of online LLC formation services.

After getting plenty of valuable feedback from our “best LLC services” roundup article, we opened the floor for some of our readers to provide their thoughts on these individual services.

So below, you will not only find our opinion on whether CorpNet is the right company to entrust in helping you start your LLC, we have provided some helpful viewpoints courtesy of you guys, and the experiences you’ve had using CorpNet’s LLC incorporation packages.

So if you’re ready (team), let’s take a look…

CorpNet Review Summary

PRICING: Basic: $79 / Deluxe: $199 / Premium: $299 (State fees also apply)

The Pros
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast & reliable LLC formation service
  • Lots of very positive customer feedback
  • Good quality customer service
The Cons
  • More expensive than competitors for essentially the same services
  • Only 60-day free registered agents service with the basic package
Overall, CorpNet is a high quality LLC formation service. The process is fast and efficient and they provide good customer support. The 100% satisfaction or your money back is a real plus point. However, their prices on the Deluxe and Complete plans are more expensive than other options, and the mere 60-day included registered agent service on the basic package is short.  The Deluxe package is our reader’s recommended buy.

Who are CorpNet?

CorpNet logo
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CorpNet (similar to the more well known Northwest Registered Agent) has been providing LLC services since the late nineties. CorpNet’s ownership group first started the business in 1997.

Over the last 22 years, CorpNet can boast of helping over 100,000 businesses with their formation needs. That’s quite a figure and is an impressive track record. To say that they know what they are doing would be an understatement.

And their own origin story is an interesting one. Foundered by Philip and Nellie Akalp, the husband and wife entrepreneurial team knows first hand what it is like to launch a new business.

Based in Westlake Village California, CorpNet is completely run in the USA (no low budget support service calls being taken from India or the Philippines thank you very much); and the company ethos is all about affordable, reliable, and convenient LLC incorporation services.

The 3 CorpNet LLC Formation Packages

llc formation

As with the majority of online LLC service providers, CorpNet gives customers the option of 3 main packages; Basic, Deluxe, and Complete.

While a trip to their website will provide you with an in-depth list of all of the services on offer; here’s our take on the most important ones in each package.

1. Basic: $79 + Relevant State Fees

Prep and Filing of Articles of Organization

The basic package will still include the fundamental incorporation service of prepping and filing the articles of organization with your chosen state authority.

CorpNet will draft these forms for you and then act as the point of contact to file them for you.

Name Availability Check

Name availability check is another important area that will be completely taken care of.

Once you have decided upon a name for your business, CorpNet will search through your state’s business database to in order to confirm that the name is freely available for you to use.

Corporate Compliance Tool

CorpNet has its own LLC management tool that you will have access to. This is called B.I.Z. and it will provide you with reminders for important deadlines such as tax filings and annual reports.

You can also use the service to store and print documents from a central, online dashboard.

60-Day Registered Agent Service Trial

Registered Agent Service is something that all LLCs require by law. It just means that you have nominated a 3rd party to receive important legal documents on your behalf, who will then forward them on to you.

Some services such as those with IncFile and NW Registered Agent will provide 1 year of this for free, (however, you should also check what the recurring payment will be after the introductory offer in order to evaluate the true value of this).

Here, CorpNet offers 60 days of registered agent services for free. You can choose to use another company for this ongoing service should you not be content, however.

2. Deluxe: $199 + Relevant State Fees

The deluxe package will give you everything we have discussed above, plus a few more very helpful add-ons.

One Year Registered Agent Service

In this package, you get a full year of the aforementioned registered agent service, rather than a mere 60 days.

CorpNet then will charge you $149 a year for the service to continue.

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

Your business may need to employ people, it will certainly need to have a bank account and pay its taxes. For all of these things you will need a Federal Tax ID number.

If like me, you hate dealing with the IRS for anything, the Deluxe package will see CorpNet take care of obtaining your EIN for you.

Printed Delivery

Once your LLC has been successfully incorporated, CorpNet will send you a hard copy of your formation documents.

24-Hour Document Prep Turnaround Time

This is a very beneficial aspect of the Deluxe package if you’re in a rush to be incorporated; CorpNet will submit the fully prepped forms to your state within 24 hours of your purchase.

3. Complete: $299 + Relevant State Fees

The final, most expensive package will provide you with everything you have seen in the Basic and Deluxe packages, with the following items attached for good measure.

Drafted LLC Operating Agreement

We have mentioned the LLC operating agreement in some of our other LLC service provider reviews.

In fact, many companies will provide this as part of their most comprehensive packages.

The LLC OA is a document that outlines the ownership structure of your business. It also covers some of the rules on how your LLC will operate.

While not legally compulsory, it is an important document that any new business owner should really own. CorpNet will draft this document for you.

LLC Binder and Seal

Finally, to raise the bar slightly and for you to celebrate the fact you have launched your very own LLC, CorpNet will provide you with a decorative binder and seal with your company name printed on them.

CorpNet vs The Competition











1 Business Day

1 Week
(2 Days on Top Plan)

1-3 Business Days

1 Week
(Express/24hr Available)

1 Week
(Express/24hr Available)

1 Week
(Express/24hr Available)


1st Year Free,
$119/y After

1st Year Free,
$119/y After


60 Day Free,




$40 Extra
(Free on Mid Plan)



$69 Extra (Free on Top Plan)

$35 Extra (Free on Mid Plan)



$70 Extra
(Free on Mid Plan)

Included on Mid (Pro) Plan


$69 Extra
(Free on Mid Plan)

$70 Extra
(Free on Mid Plan)



Free 1hr Tax Consultation




30mins Tax Consultation

Free LLC Handbook


Optional: $20p/mo

Included on Top Plan



Free Domain



Free Lifetime Annual Alerts

Free Lifetime Annual Alerts

Included with Registered Agents

Free Lifetime Annual Alerts

Free Lifetime Annual Alerts

Free Lifetime Annual Alerts









Basic: $0
Mid: $149
Top: $299
+ State Fee

Basic: $49
Mid: $199
Top: $299
+ State Fee

$100 + State Fee

Basic: $79
Mid: $199
Top: $299
+ State Fee

Basic: $49
Mid: $149
Top: $299
+ State Fee

Basic: $79
Mid: $199
Top: $279
+ State Fee

We have provided an in-depth review and comparison of leading online LLC formation services here.

As you can see from the table above, we have rated IncFile our top budget choice. This is because of the value for money being offered on their zero filing fee plan. (Inc Authority provide a similar no processing fee package).

We also rated Zen Business highly as we were impressed by their excellent user interface. The pro plan is one of the best in terms of what is included. If you have the budget, we recommend you opt for this.

For someone where customer service and an easily contactable agent is important, Northwest Registered Agent were our top choice for 2021.

The Pros of Using CorpNet

pros and cons

This is the section that our readers have been integral in putting together. Our research has helped us bring together some important points, however, there is nothing more valuable than tried and tested customer opinion.

1. 100% satisfaction guarantee

This one is a biggie. Everyone that got in touch, made a positive reference to this. And who can blame them?

With the 100% guarantee, (CorpNet will refund your full fee, no questions asked, should you not be satisfied with the service), you can opt to use CorpNet with a sense of security. If you run into problems, you can ask for your money back and know that you will get it.

In every experience we heard about, a customer did not need to fall back on this, however.

2. Fast Turnaround


A number of you opted for the Deluxe package in order to have your LLC incorporated as quickly as possible.

While states do vary in their processing times, all of you that required the 24hr submission time were satisfied with CorpNet in this regard.

3. The LLC Operating Agreement

Only one of our contributors had purchased the complete package, and they stated that it was definitely worthwhile in terms of the quality of the OA. This clearly is not for everyone, however.

4. Good Customer Service

While readers did not rave about this, there were no complaints either. This is in large part because the service is so efficient and streamlined, there isn’t a great deal of company/client interaction. The service just works.

That being said, if you do need help CorpNet does have a responsive US-based customer support team.

They’re available from 10 am to 8 pm ET every weekday. Furthermore, they offer bilingual support for Spanish speaking customers.

5. Positive customer reviews

customer feedback

Not including the opinions of our readers, CorpNet have a very good reputation online, with a huge amount of satisfied customers, (see the section below for more on that).

With hundreds of positive customer reviews across the web, CorpNet’s online feedback is almost entirely positive in nature.

The Cons of using CorpNet

1. Non-transparent pricing

credit card

This is a minor gripe, however many of you raised the point that CorpNet does not make it clear enough that they charge you to have your documents shipped to you.

At $29 a pop (using USPS Priority Mail) this is an increase to the price point that customers should be made more aware of.

Especially considering that their services are more expensive than the likes of IncFile in the first place.

2. The 60-day registered agent service

Again, CorpNet do fall short of the competition here. The free filing IncFile package and Inc Authority will provide you with a whole year’s free registered agent service.

To gain this with CorpNet, you have to obtain the deluxe package.

CorpNet Customer Reviews: What the Internet Says

internet reviews

There’s no getting away from the fact that there are a lot of positive comments about CorpNet online.

There are over 400 CorpNet reviews available online and it is tough to find any that actually complain to a significant degree.

Those that opted to use the service are probably aware that it is a little more expensive than the competition, however, the speedy, professional LLC incorporation that CorpNet conducts clearly satisfies its customers.

The box below is the latest rankings on the main customer review platforms at the time of writing:

  • Trustpilot: 9.7 out of 10 stars (368 reviews)
  • TrustLink: 5.0 out of 5 stars (57 reviews)
  • Facebook: 5.0 out of 5 stars (19 reviews)
  • Yelp: 4.0 out of 5 stars (11 reviews)

Bottom Line

Overall, CorpNet is a very efficient LLC incorporation service provider.

Available in all states, the husband and wife team have built a company that offers a quality service for those looking to start a company.

The reliability of the service is evident in the high level of positive customer reviews.

However, there are competing services that provide better value for money so potential buyers should consider these too.

The Competition: CorpNet LLC Alternatives

competition race track

We have mentioned a couple of other LLC services throughout this review. And while we have concluded that CorpNet is good at what they do, let’s take a quick look as to how these other services compare.

1. IncFile Vs CorpNet

incfile review logo

From a cost point of view, IncFile is a clear winner. With their basic package being $0 plus state fees, this is a market leader for those looking for a budget-priced LLC service.

They also throw in a full year of free registered services. As you will have seen above, you need to pay $228 for the Deluxe package in order to get that from CorpNet or suffice with a mere 60 days.

Check out IncFile here.

2. Northwest Registered Agent vs CorpNet

northwest-registered-Agent LOGO

The savings here are less significant, with the difference in the basic package being just $21, (NW registered being more expensive at $100).

Customer service is a key factor with both these companies, as they are extremely helpful and efficient.

However, NW Registered may just be better from the point of view that they assign a dedicated representative to each client account.

For anyone that requires a bit of hand-holding throughout the process, this feature of the service is hard to beat.

Check out NW Registered Agent here.

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