HOVR Desk Swing Reviews – Does it Work or Just Another Gimmick?

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There’s a new kid in town when it comes to exercises while you work.

Move aside under-desk ellipticals, the Hovr desk swing is in a category all of its own, and as someone who has used it for the last couple of weeks I can tell you it’s a lot of fun.

We recently got hold of one in the Vault50 office and I can’t wait to give you the low down.

The Hovr Desk Swing

Floor Stand
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HOVR with
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The Vault50 Hovr Review

First, Some Background

Much has been reported, studied and claimed about the dangers of sitting still for long periods of time.

A simple truth being, much white collar work involves sitting at a desk, tapping away at a computer for several hours a day.

This sedentary existence has been linked with poor health, back problems, vascular issues including heart disease and even death.

And while the standing desk has been introduced as an alternative to sitting while you work, a long day spent standing in the office also puts a strain on your feet, spine and joints.

In steps the Hovr

With all of this in mind, Hovr Creators Ron Mochizuki MD, a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physician and John Godoy, a professional trainer toiled for five years to bring this funky foot swing into existence.

The Indiegogo-funded device is designed to allow low-impact, non-intrusive movement while you sit at your office desk.

Whereas other desk exercises are impractical, (even under desk elliptical workouts make it difficult to type if you go too hard), the Hovr can be used while still allowing you to hold a good posture and carry on with work uninterrupted.

Furthermore, the Hovr has been tested by the guys over at the Mayo Clinic lab and has received their much coveted NEAT certification.

Their tests concluded that proper use of the under-desk foot swing can increase calorie burn by 20% when compared to just sitting. It also helps circulation.

The Hovr Review – What did we think at Vault50?

Overall construction

The Hovr is a simple enough device. Essentially you can call it a swing for your feet.

As you can see from the images, it is made up from a metal rod and stand with footpads each end.

On the desk mounted model there is a sturdy strapin place of the stand, that connects the Hovr to the underside of your desk (if you opt for the desk-mounted version you will need a drill to fasten the unit into place) , so that everything hangs suspended just a few inches from the floor.

The overall build quality is very good and you get the feel that the device is durable enough to last several years worth of daily use, (there are very few components that can go wrong basically).

The experience of using the Hovr

As I stated in the opening paragraph, the device is a lot of fun.

Swinging your feet beneath your desk really takes you back to being a kid again; that time when everything seemed larger than life and sitting on a normal chair meant your feet couldn’t touch the ground – what can you do but swing your legs madly.

The sensation immediately put a smile on my face.

There are a few options to how you can swing too; simply move from side-to-side or swing your feet in circles, push the footpads up and down like a seesaw, or simply flick your ankles for a little shimmy.

The amount of movement is completely up to you. Depending on your mood and concentration levels, you can swing like a 3 year old at the park or a more subdued 40 something (me) lost in the task at hand.

The important thing is that subconsciously you will always find your legs and feet doing some kind of action beneath the desk.

And that’s part of the charm.

Using the Hovr isn’t supposed to feel like exercising; it’s supposed to feel like swaying your legs or jiggling your feet without even realizing you’re doing it.

It’s actually quite addictive.  (So much so, the device is even recommended as an outlet for those that suffer from ADHD).

Is the Hovr practical in the work place?

The fact the Hovr is easy to use and unobtrusive to your ability type of make phone calls makes the device very practical in a work setting.

Some people may feel a little self-conscious at first however; especially in an open plan office.

It is difficult not to be distracted when having a chat with a colleague if either there’s or your feet are swinging madly below the desk as you talk.

There’s also the issue of feeling people might be looking at you as you work.

One way of dealing with this is to have everyone in the office using the Hovr.

On a more general level, once the novelty wears off and you are used to seeing a colleague use it, (or realize that no one is looking at you anymore), the Hovr becomes part of the furniture.

So overall, you should find no real issues implementing use of the Hovr in your own office.

Are there any problems with the Hovr?

No new product category can be absolutely perfect.

The first pitfall is the need to pull out the power tools to fasten the hovr in place. However, this can be overcome if you opt to buy the more expensive version with the built in floor stand.

The Hovr can take some adjustment when you first use it, in order to find a comfortable sweet spot in line with your chair height and leg length.

Another small issue that can occur if you are a little vigorous with your swinging is an occasional clatter of the footpads against your chair legs.

All of these minor issues are quickly overcome once you have fitted the device and are comfortable using it.

What do others think of the Hovr?

Seeing me have all the fun wasn’t going to go down well with the rest of the Vault50 staff.

I was soon kicked off my desk so that others could have a turn. Opinions varied slightly, however all were overwhelmingly positive.

Along with many of the user reviews you will find online, those that have decided to use the Hovr have quickly enjoyed its benefits.

From feeling less muscle strain at the end of the day, to feeling less tense. Many have stated that the device actually put them in a better mood at work, (probably linked to the feeling I experienced of being a kid again).

One reviewer that had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in their hips and knees reported that the HOVR had definitely helped with the strain on their joints.

From exclamations of how much fun it is, to others finding it ‘strangely soothing’, the Hovr has been met with a huge amount of positivity.

Final Words

Sitting stationary at our desks is bad for our health. There can be no disputing this.

And while there are a few options to increase our movement as we work, none are probably as fun while being as unobtrusive as the Hovr.

Proven to increase calory burn while assisting with blood flow and circulation, the device really is a top solution to the problems linked with sedentary working habits.

If this is a concern for you, check out the Hovr today.

Image Credits: Hovr Pro

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