Where to Buy Tapestries Online (Best 10 Vendors in 2022)

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There are a number of places where you can buy tapestries online today.

Each of the 10 online stores we have selected below, represents a range of options. Whether you are looking to buy large wall-hanging tapestries, smaller ornate tapestries, or something in between, you can find it easily online.

As you will see, we have added smaller bespoke eCommerce stores that deal specifically with tapestries, as well as the larger known outlets such as Target and Walmart that provide, budget-friendly mass-produced options.

For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. For an in-depth review of each of our selected tapestry vendors, plus a detailed buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Where to Buy Tapestries – Top 10 Online Stores



Quality Products
Sourced from
Artisans and weavers


Huge Selection
Range of Prices



Bespoke Options
Modern Styles
Very Affordable


Specific Styles
(Medieval & Religious)
Range of Prices,
(Some very high).


Large Range
Very Affordable


Lower quality options
Good range


Easy to order
Fast Delivery
Very limited choice


Fantastic Range
Detailed Styles
wide price points


Low Prices

Medium Quality
Good range


Limited choice
Quality items
Good prices

Where to Buy Wall Tapestries – The Reviews

Therefore, the question of who is the best online seller of tapestries can be answered using the following simple statement: The best online seller is the one with a high reputation and offers a quality range of products at the right price.

Even so, there are some online tapestry sellers who are universally considered as the best traders in the industry, and 10 of them have been selected for review. This review allows one to narrow down the search of where to buy tapestries online.

1. TOP PICK: Novica

Inca Theme Handwoven Alpaca Blend Tapestry from Peru

This is a highly reputable art trading firm whose business model operates on the basis of providing an online platform for connecting artisans to customers.

This allows for weavers designing tradition-themed tapestry to access a global platform that links them to a socially-conscious customer base. It also allows for different tapestry weavers to showcase their talents as well as preserve some of their traditional tapestry weaving techniques.

Because of its focus on showcasing different tapestry art from different cultures, this firm has been featured in National Geographic. Moreover, its fair trade policy allows for equal protection of both the buyer and seller. It is owned by Novica United, Inc.

It has a catalog of tapestries in its wall hangings and tapestries section. In this section, it shows images of tapestries on offer, and this allows you to do a price comparison among the tapestries that have pleased you. Expectedly, most of the tapestries are hand-woven.

It also boasts of a well-integrated online purchase system that allows the customer to check out easily after choosing their desired product.

Also, it offers a wide variety of tapestry from wall-sized types to table-top tapestries. It also houses a large collection of different tapestry art owing to its sourcing of products from artisans and weavers across the world. Likewise, it allows the weaver to set the price with the firm only benefiting from a small facilitation fee.

This is the best online vendor of tapestries in this review because it provides a wide range of products at a reasonable price, while its unmatched reputation assures a customer that he/she would get the tapestry that has been ordered.

2. Hayneedle

Fine Art Tapestries Woodburn Lodge Wall Tapestry, by Fine Art Tapestries (Credit: Hayneedle.com)

This is a highly-reputable online vendor of home improvement products including tapestries. Its business model molds it into an online retailer of décor and home furnishings.

It, therefore, showcases tapestries in its warehouse or inventoried stores, and this gives it leverage in terms of pricing as it can decide to place some tapestries on offer or increase the price of fine art tapestries.

Even so, this price leverage is governed by market dynamics, and this online store offers its products at affordable retail rates.

It stocks different varieties of tapestries including fine art wall tapestries and wall tapestries designed to enhance wall accents.

Likewise, its online catalog of tapestries, which can be retrieved by using the search function with tapestries as the keyword, shows images of the tapestries on offer along with their prices, which allows customers to perform a price comparison on a selected set of products.

This also highlights its glaring weakness which is the lack of a dedicated section for tapestries.

On the bright side, it uses a fully-integrated online purchase system to manage sales and delivery of tapestries, which allows customers to easily check out and obtain their desired product. It also allows customers to review and rate the different tapestries on offer.

3. Society6

Golden Peaks by SpaceFrogDesigns (Credit: Society6.com)

This is a specialist online vendor of tapestries whose hybrid business model allows it to serve as both a retailer as well as an online platform for tapestry artists to showcase and trade their tapestries.

The most unique aspect of this firm is its insistence on selling affordable tapestries with retail prices fixed within a two-digit range, specifically the USD39-99 range.

By allowing different artists to use its online retail portal as a trading platform, it leverages open-source sourcing of tapestries to acquire a huge tapestry collection from across the world. This firm is owned by Society6, LLC.

As expected, it sells a wide range of tapestries from fine art wall tapestries to tabletop tapestries.

One can preview all the tapestries on offer by visiting its online catalog which shows the images as well as prices of the merchandise.

This not only allows the customer to select the right product but also allows for price comparison and quality assessment to be done.

Its purchase system is supported by a fully-integrated online trade system that manages the sale and delivery of tapestries, as well as allows to benefit from its order tracking functionality.

Even so, its online portal does not publish customer reviews for individual tapestry items that are usually bar-coded by a unique item code.

4. Medieval Wall Tapestry

Francois Boucher Pastoral Traditional Art Tapestry Romantic Scene La Fontaine

This is a specialty online store that stocks and trades in wall tapestries that feature medieval-themed art. They also sell some tapestries with modern art.

Their tapestries are directly sourced from manufacturers or distributors, which sets this firm apart from Novica and Society 6 that sell products made by weavers.

Also, medieval wall tapestry only sells machine-woven tapestries that are made in continental North America and European states.

Machine weaving allows its tapestry suppliers to reproduce textile art from European and U.S museums, and this allows the firm to offer outstanding medieval textile art that features art themes that characterized medieval Europe and the infant periods of Spanish, Portuguese, and the Dutch colonization of the New World.

It also trades in tapestry with medieval religious motifs. This firm is owned by Polycoat, LLC.

Because its products are machine-woven, they can be produced quickly at a low production cost.

Besides, the firm does not compromise on the quality of the fabric material and this allows it to sell high-quality tapestry at below-market-rate prices, which makes it the best bet for anyone looking for discount machine-woven tapestries.

Moreover, its purchase system is well-integrated with online payment options and the delivery is done through popular product shipping channels.

5. WayFair

Loni Wall Tapestry (Credit: Wayfair.com)

This is a specialty vendor of home fittings that sells high-quality tapestries including wall tapestries and hanging tapestries.

It provides a dedicated webpage for its tapestries store which is under the pillows and décor department. By reviewing this online catalog of tapestries, it is evident that this shop serves as a retail store which means that it only showcases tapestries that are in stock.

This is helpful for a person who needs tapestries at short notice as they can either order it online or simply walk into the brick-and-mortar store if they live in Boston, Massachusetts.

Likewise, as a retail vendor, it trades in different qualities and types of tapestries, which can greatly benefit anyone operating on a tight budget and would need a good tapestry art to decorate his/her room.

This is possible because the tapestries are listed alongside their prices and material quality, and this allows for price comparison to be done and compromises to be made by the purchaser in terms of material quality or the nature of art. Even so, those on a high budget can also get high-end tapestries.

Therefore, this online store stocks tapestry products for all price ranges. Moreover, its purchase system features a well-integrated online payment system that is supported by a solid product delivery policy.

6. Home Depot

Titan Lighting: Multicolor “Folie” Tapestry (Credit: Homedepot.com)

Unlike the 5 aforementioned specialty stores whose focus of trade chiefly relates to home improvement and decoration, Home Depot is a retailing giant that deals in home-related general merchandise, including tapestries, home construction materials, and the sale of home improvement services.

This means that its tapestry store stocks both ordinary-grade and some high-grade mass-produced tapestries including wall tapestries, table-top tapestries, and bed-cover tapestries.

This makes it a good store for sourcing standard-grade tapestries for decorating many rooms in either a rental apartment or hotel room, where there is a need to use budget tapestries for mass decoration.

However, for one searching for handwoven or customized tapestries, then it is recommended that he/she searchers for these products in specialty stores such as the 5 online stores reviewed above.

Even so, Home Depot has a good and well-updated catalog of tapestries in stock, which even though they are not rich in terms of selection (like for instance, the catalog maintained by Novica), it is still impressionable for people looking for budget mass-produced tapestries.

Moreover, its online catalog shows images of tapestries on offer, and this allows one to compare their prices and art quality which provides one with the opportunity to select the best tapestries available.

As a large retailer that manages a series of retail stores, Home Depot boasts of a superb and well-integrated online purchase system that allows for easy checkout, with the purchase being delivered through a reliable logistic infrastructure that ensures that the right product is delivered to the right purchaser.

7. Target

Patchwork Lines Tapestry 48″x72″ Black – Room Essentials™ (Credit: Target.com)

This is a large-scale retailer that currently runs discount stores in the United States only after its stores in Canada under the banner of Target Canada became defunct in 2015.

Unlike Home Depot which specializes in the trade of home-related general merchandise, Target is a true general merchandise store that sells a huge range of retail products in its stores, including tapestries.

As is expected with non-specialty retailers, the range and types of tapestries in stock in Target are extremely limited which can be attested to by the fact that there were only 82 entries at the time of this review.

Even so, it offers some wall tapestries at a discounted price, and most of these products are standard-grade, machine woven tapestries created on a range of standard fabrics.

Regardless, it does stock tapestries from different manufacturers, including some imported from South Asian countries such as India and Bangladesh.

As with other large-scale retailers that offer online purchase options, Target has a good and well-updated catalog of tapestries in stock, which shows their images and prices, and this allows one to compare their prices and art quality.

Ultimately, this provides one with the opportunity to select the best tapestries available and purchase them through the superb and well-integrated online purchase system that allows for easy checkout, with the purchase being delivered through a reliable logistic infrastructure that ensures that the right tapestries are received on time.

8. Home Decor Tapestries

A Mon Seul Desir I French Tapestry (Credit: homedecortapestries.com)

This is a specialty vendor of tapestries that are suited for home decoration. It offers 5 categories of tapestries, and they are listed on its website as tapestry cushions, tapestry handbags, tapestry throws, European tapestries, and oil paintings.

Moreover, under its general sales sections, there are dedicated stores for tapestry table runners, tapestry tassels, and tapestry bell pulls. It trades in some high-quality wall tapestries with some high-end hand-woven wall tapestries going for over USD2427.

Under its tapestry section in the websites, it categorizes the tapestries according to their art themes, and this allows the firm to group most of its tapestries according to their cultural art (such as Oriental Tapestry), historical themes (such as Medieval, 18th Century, 19th Century, and Contemporary/Modern tapestries), iconic themes (such as Bayeux, Flanders, and Myths-Legends tapestries), and vocational themes (such as Hunting tapestries).

There are other tapestry groupings such as religious tapestries, seascape tapestries, map tapestries, and nautical tapestries.

This range of groupings shows the rich selection of tapestries on offer. Most of these tapestries are directly sourced from the producers/manufacturers, and the shop stocks both hand-woven and high-quality machine-woven tapestries.

Its online retail platform is supported by a robust online purchase system that features order status functionality. This makes it easy for its customers to check out their products as well as choose their most appropriate shipping option.

9. Walmart

Mainstays 3-piece Decor Gift Set: Wall Tapestry, Sham, & Floor Cushion (Walmart.com)

This is a multinational retailer headquartered in the medium-sized city of Bentonville, Arkansas. In fact, it is the largest retail corporation in the United States – much larger than Target – and it runs a chain of discount department stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets.

Due to its large volumes of sales, preponderance to offer discounts, choice of trading in low-cost or budget products, and need to maintain a large distribution and inventory system; Walmart sources most of its tapestries, including wall tapestries, from industries that produce machine-woven tapestries.

Expectedly, the range and types of tapestries in stock are quite limited as compared to the tapestry choice offered by specialty stores such as Home Decor Tapestries.

In fact, Walmart does not have a dedicated tapestries section in its online retail platform, and one needs to sue the search function along with select keywords such as tapestries and wall tapestries in order to find the tapestries on offer.

Even so, it sells its tapestries at a very low price with some going for as low as USD8.

However, the wall tapestries offered at a discounted price are standard-grade, machine woven products. On the upside, it stocks tapestries sourced from different countries.

Its greatest advantage is that it has a wide presence across the U.S that one can choose to just scout for the right tapestry online, and then purchase it in a brick-and-mortar outlet.

Moreover, for those whose tapestries are not available in nearby stores, or are located far from Walmart outlets, then tapestries can be purchased online where its exceptionally superb and well-maintained, well-integrated online purchase system allows for easy checkout.

Moreover, its delivery infrastructure allows for the purchaser to receive the right tapestries.

10. Urban Outfitters

Cayler Textured Tapestry (Credit: urbanoutfitters.com)

This is a specialty home décor store that trades in budget tapestries with its price range being USD34 to USD69. As on 30th April 2018, there were 89 tapestries on offer, including wall tapestries and table-top tapestries. These tapestries are designed differently and each features a unique art form.

This means that Urban Outfitters specializes in trading original budget tapestries, and this is confirmed in its policy page where it states that it only trades in original brands, with all the brands listed on a separate brand page.

Moreover, it has a chain of retail stores that are distributed across the United States, Europe, and Canada.

This makes it an operator of specialty discount stores, and this designation brings with it a strict set of fair trade policies and customer protection rules.

This allows for one to reliably purchase tapestries online, and then use their order status for product tracking, while the returns policy allows for either returns of damaged or wrong order, or an exchange between the received order with another one that the customer desires.

Its online purchase system is well-integrated with payment processing apps and delivery tracking software, and this minimizes the chances of product loss during the delivery process. It also offers gift cards.

Where to Buy Tapestry Wall Hangings – A Buyer’s Guide

Contemporary tapestry is designed to enhance the aesthetic value of a room. This means that apart from its decorative element, a modern tapestry also adds a sense of warmth – sometimes literally when it serves to insulate the room during cold periods.

Even so, for a tapestry to serve these functions well, it needs to be relatively large so as to stand out in the room, and the best way to size it is to weave it into a wall-size form of textile art.

Like its predecessors, the modern tapestry is predominately produced using weft-faced weaving which allows the designer and weaver to use weft threads to construct the desired design.

In high-quality tapestry, only the weft threads are visible because they completely cover the warp threads, and this is what sets tapestry art apart from textile art woven in cloth fabric.

As expected, using different weft threads allows the weaver to create a multicolored ornate art, with expert weaver being deft at using them to create very finely-detailed textile art.

So, where is the best place to buy a tapestry? There is no definitive answer as different people have varied needs in terms of their desired design, feel, and art in a tapestry.

Even so, it is best for one to have the opportunity to sample as many tapestries as possible so as to choose the one that she/he feels is right for his or her home.

With regards to wall tapestries, this insight provides a practical answer to the question; where to buy wall tapestries? This answer is online shops/vendors.

The reason for this is that online vendors publish images of their tapestries on their websites, alongside pertinent details such as size, material type, and ability of the vendor to customize the tapestry to conform to the needs of a customer.

This in turn raises the question, who are the best online vendors for tapestry? For this, one needs to prioritize on 2 attributes; reputation and price affability.

Reputation means that the online vendor is highly-rated by its customers because it delivers the right quality of tapestry at the agreed time period.

On the other hand, price affability means that the vendor sells the tapestry at the normal market rates, and also allows for discounting – for instance, when one buys tapestries in bulk.

How to hang a wall tapestry

Common Tapestry Buying Questions

When looking to buy tapestries online, there are some common questions that one might be thinking.

If you find yourself asking any of the following:
  • where to buy tapestries for dorm
  • where is the best place to buy a tapestry
  • Where to buy tapestries
  • where to get tapestries
  • where to buy wall tapestries
  • where to buy tapestry-like urban outfitters
  • Where to buy tapestry wall hangings
  • where to get cheap tapestries
  • Where to get cool tapestries
  • What is the best place I can buy tapestries?
  • Where to buy popular Wall tapestries for dorm
  • Any Good Sites To Buy Tapestries From?
  • where can I buy a tapestry
  • where can I find Wall Tapestries
  • Where to buy Mandala tapestry
  • where to buy large tapestry

You will be in the right place by reading this article.

The top 10 vendors we have listed, cover all of the above queries. Whether you need tapestries for your dorm, home, or office the above stores’ will provide you with ample choice.

Mandala tapestries are also catered for; and of course, whether you are after small, large, and/or cheap wall tapestries to brighten your living or workspace, the choices available suit every conceivable style.

Quite simply, if the top 10 tapestries stores we have listed do not come up with the goods, we will eat our proverbial hats.

Image Credits: Pixabay.com

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