5 Tips for Choosing Great Canvas Art for Your Office

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If you work in an office it is likely that you spend over a thousand hours a year within its walls.

The pandemic may have shifted things slightly, however, the hours within the home office will have increased as a result.

The point is, wherever your office space, you spend a lot of time there; you should make it look good.

One way of doing this is canvas wall art.

There are now multiple vendors online selling countless art prints for the office. So much so, choosing which designs to go for can be confusing.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the things you should think about if you are going to buy art for your office.

Whether it is to fill the white space in areas your clients will see or to motivate you and your employees, here is the low down on how to get it right.

1. Consider Your Company Image

company image

Businesses will differ in the image they wish to project to their clients. While a law firm may wish to stick to a conservative professional image, a funky tech start-up will want to come across as more irreverent.

Either way, your office wall art needs to convey the brand and character of the business. You want your clients to walk away with a good first impression of the business.

Canvas artwork of a buxom pin-up will unlikely have that effect in an accountancy firm for instance.

Away from the eyes of your clients, you may be able to project the work culture you are trying to cultivate to your employees. Again, this should be done along the lines of your company ethos.

Art can be used to motivate those that work for you (or in the case of a solo entrepreneur, used to motivate yourself).

Think about these issues when you choose the themes, content, and style of your canvas artwork.

2. Company Colors and Branding


If you have developed a strong company identity in terms of your colors and branding, you should consider taking these into the artwork that you choose.

Most canvas on-demand services will have a library of abstract art designs. A lot of these will enable you to choose the colors used.

Quality, contemporary abstract art color-themed towards your branding is a great way to add the artwork to your business premises.

It also helps to alleviate the choice issue you may experience from point one above (choosing images to suit your company image). Abstract art is a safe bet from a design perspective.

3. Budget and Available Space

office space

The budget available for office canvas art will vary. A small home office with a limited budget will clearly choose different works when compared to a large multinational situated in a prime business address.

Either way, budget, and space are large factors in the types of art you choose.

For a business that accepts clients onto the premises, the lobby, waiting room, and/or reception are important areas to concentrate on.

Canvas wall art comes in all types of sizes. You can also get multi-panel displays (great for filling large areas such as a reception backdrop).

The points above clearly apply when it comes to design, however, considering where the wall art is to be displayed, will help you narrow down the options.

4. Get the opinion of your employees


The fact you are decorating the spaces they will be working in, it makes perfect sense to give your employees a say in the design of the decor.

Once you have chosen a canvas print vendor to use, why not invite your employees to check out the website to see which designs they like.

If this is likely to cause an argument or everyone wanting different styles, use the above points to narrow down options to a selection of 10 or 20 pieces (depending on the number of works you intend to purchase), and put them to an employee vote.

This is a great way of ensuring your employees are happy with the outcome and will enjoy the workplace aesthetic.

5. Be Bold and Experiment

canvas prints online guide

If you are buying canvas wall art for the home office you only have yourself to please.

Be bold and experiment. You can afford to disregard a lot of the above if you wish and just opt for designs that say something to you.

Enjoy the process; buy wall art with motivating quotes for instance, or a beach scene somewhere you aim to buy a second home one day.

It could even be the artwork of your family (see our review of paint your life for details on that). Any artwork that is able to stir you into action within the office is a good thing.

Think about what motivates you and fill in those blank wall spaces, creating an environment that makes you happy. Your productivity will only increase as a result.

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