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Best virtual mailbox

Virtual mailbox services have revolutionized the way businesses, expatriates, world-travelers and even online shoppers deal with traditional mail and package management and delivery.

Whether you need a virtual address as the face of your business, or reliable mail scanning services, standard package forwarding, or secure mail management and shredding; the best virtual mailbox service will be able to take care of all this and more.

However, in 2022 there is an ever-growing list of service options available. Which company should you entrust with your mail management needs?

That’s exactly what we will look into today. We have selected a range of mail forwarding services to give you the low down on some of the best solutions currently on the market.

For a summary of the best options, check out the selections below. For in-depth reviews on all of our picks, plus a detailed buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Table of Contents

Top Picks

Best Overall: Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is a high-quality all-around choice for those looking for a reliable mailbox management service, at an affordable monthly price.

Its packages are suitable for ex-pats, world travelers, and business owners, and the easy-to-use smartphone app will alert you once new mail has arrived.

It may not have the most addresses available, however, the handy integrations (that include DropBox and Evernote), check deposit facility, and low fees if you go over your mail quota, make this a transparent service with a lot of satisfied monthly users.

Best For Business: Earth Class Mail

ecm topWe have selected Earth Class Mail as our top choice for businesses due to the superior features it contains for enterprise users.

With its large number of real US addresses, easy integration with platforms such as QuickBooks and, and sophisticated security, their “Mailroom Plans” really are some of the best company focused virtual mailbox packages on the market. Highly recommended.

Best Budget: Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is our best budget virtual mailbox for 2022 due to the range of packages it has priced below $10 per month. With over 1000 available addresses and lots of other features, it offers users everything they could need from a mailbox service.

However, bear in mind that if you are going for one of their low priced options, your monthly mail quota will be small.

Virtual mailbox Service Comparison






















Up to 200/mo

Up to 240/mo

Up to 250/mo

Up to 200/mo











30 Days

60 Days

30 Days


45 - 180 Days

30 Days


DropBox, Evernote,, GoogleDrive


DropBox, Evernote,, GoogleDrive, QuickBooks, Xero


QuickBooks, DropBox










2 Factor Auth



2048 bit SSL


256-bit SSL





Up to $1.00




$15 - $55

$9.99 - $69.99

$19 - $79
Mailroom: $139 - $1,029/mo 

$6.50 - $80+

$9.95 - $24.95

$14.95 - $49.95

Virtual Mailbox Service reviews

1. TOP PICK: Traveling Mailbox Review

When looking for a reliable, feature-rich virtual mailbox service, Traveling Mailbox is one you should check out. The company is a highly reputable provider of quality mailbox management services.

One of the major benefits of Traveling Mailbox is that each package includes an online postal mailbox, mail forwarding, business addresses, post mail scanning, mail storage, secure document shredding, mail filtering (to exclude junk mail), and secure check deposit services. It also provides Letter eMail services.

The only real difference between the plans is your quota amounts. This leads to a very transparent service with little confusion on what is being offered.

These various plans are designed to accommodate the different needs of travelers, expatriates settled in one place, and businesses that require a virtual address and global access to their mailbox at any time.

Much like any virtual mail service, Traveling Mailbox allows for mails, correspondences, checks, and invoices to be converted into digital documents (such as PDF scans) that can be viewed remotely.

The service also allows direct integration with software such as Evernote, DropBox, and for a more fluid workflow for businesses.

Bulk scanning of multiple pages is provided via a ScanPAK bundle. Meanwhile, envelope scanning is done by the QuickScan application.

Moreover, the scanned PDF documents are turned into searchable PDF documents by being processed through an OCR (Optical character recognition) software. This is a real bonus as not all competing services have this facility.

On another important note, all the services are provided directly by Traveling Mailbox, LLC; which ensures that issues can be easily taken up with the company itself or resolved through its efficient customer support department.

Online mailbox management service

As the screenshots above demonstrate, the service comes with a proprietary and easy-to-use online mailbox management service that allows one to access their mails 24/7 via the dedicated smartphone app or computer.

Users are notified via email and phone push notification when mail has arrived. This then allows you to choose whether to have the contents scanned, shredded, forwarded to your physical address, returned to sender, or held for future pick-up.

You can also tag the digitized mail so you can quickly search and retrieve it at a later date. (As already mentioned, Traveling Mailbox also allows you to integrate the digital mail into 3rd party storage services and software applications).

The Traveling Mailbox Service Plans

extended plan - traveling mailbox

small business plan

The services offered by Traveling Mailbox come in three different service packages; the Basic plan, Extended plan, and the Small Business plan.

All 3 plans come bundled with an online postal mailbox, mail forwarding services, postal mail scanning, and of course, your choice of US address from the available options.

However, it is worth noting that the ScanPAK bundle and fax services are only included in the Extended and Small Business plans.

No matter the plan you opt for the service is compatible with Evernote,, and DropBox.

With regards to mail forwarding, all the 3 plans come with exterior item scans for both letter mails and packages using the QuickScan tool, with the scans being sent directly to your email or online mailbox for you to determine whether the mail or package should be forwarded to your real address.

If mail forwarding is chosen, you need to create a shipment profile that determines how the items are packaged, when they are to be shipped, and the shipping insurance to be bought. Thereafter, the parcel is shipped through a courier service provider.

As we already mentioned, the major difference between the packages is the monthly quota on the main services. This makes it possible to easily choose the best option for your needs.

The basic plan with the capacity to process 40 incoming mails and 35 scans should most individuals and/or families, (3 recipient names can be added to the account).

On the other end of the service spectrum, the small business plan allows for 200 incoming pieces of mail, with 180-page scans and 10 recipient names. At $55 a month, this is an extremely good value package, that should suit the demands of a small to medium-sized enterprise.

Pros of the Traveling Mailbox Service
  • Provides high-quality virtual mailbox services including an online postal mailbox, post mail scanning, mail storage, secure document shredding, mail filtering, and secure check deposit services.
  • Offers Letter eMail services.
  • It provides both standard and premium virtual addresses.
  • Has 3 subscription plans to choose from.
  • Scalability allows one to easily move from a lower plan to a higher plan.
  • Provides efficient mail forwarding services for both documents and packages.
  • Its digital mail platform comes with an online mail management portal.
  • Searchable PDF documents.
  • Keyword tagging allows for easy searching and retrieval of digital documents.
  • Supports digital mail integration with proprietary programs and storage platforms.
  • Free mail shredding.
  • Competitively priced
The Cons
  • The business package is too small for large companies
  • Mail scanning is carried out at designated hubs rather than every address  (meaning a delay between the arrival of your mail at your chosen virtual address and you receiving the scanned image of it).
  • Lacks a dedicated API platform for technically proficient customers


Traveling Mailbox is a high-quality virtual mailbox service that has transparent packages suitable for both individuals and businesses.

The service provides everything you would expect from a virtual mailbox, with a clear allocation of what each plan includes each month.

Whether you’re on extended travels around (a post COVID-19) world, living abroad with your family, or a business owner, you will have access to the services you need to manage your virtual mail.

Our number one choice for good reason.

2. iPostal1 Review

ipostal logo

iPostal1 is a large digital mailbox service provider operating throughout the U.S. The company first started its mailbox services back in 2007.

Over the intervening years, iPostal1 has expanded its infrastructure considerably and the service now has one of the largest networks of digital mailbox locations available on the market.

In fact, the company can now boast around 1000 real street addresses. These exist at professional shipping stores across the U.S where mail handling actually occurs on-site, (rather than being forwarded to a central office which is how many other providers operate)

There are 3 main plans available, one for personal use, business use, and a virtual office plan that has added features such as phone call and fax management.

Let’s take a closer look at those plans to see how they hold up against the competition.

The 3 Main Plans with iPostal1

ipostal services

ipostal1 virtual mailboxPlan 1: A Virtual Mailing Address

The standard plan provides the customer with a virtual mailing address. The cost of the basic ‘Green’ package is just $9.99 a month.

Designed for personal or family use, it gives the user 30 mail items a month. You can be billed monthly or annually, (with the latter offering 2 months free).

If you need more items per month, you can opt for the Blue ($14.99), Silver (24.99), and Gold (39.99) packages. These provide 60, 120, and 240 mail items per month respectively.

virtual business addressPlan 2: A Virtual Business Address

The same pricing structure applies to the virtual business address. The 4 plans (Green, Blue, Silver & Gold) ranging from $9.99 to 39.99 a month, and differ merely on the number of mail items that you can have handled per month.

The billing structure remains the same too. The advantage here is that you will be provided with an address better suited to the image of a professional business.

virtual office addressPlan 3: Virtual Office Plans

iPostal1 really shines with this virtual office plan. This is a cut above the competition as it really does provide the small business with a complete virtual office suite.

Prices start at $39.99, for the virtual office plan and include a digital mailbox service suited to office-based mail quantities.

On top of that, you will get a local phone and fax numbers, as well as the much needed virtual business address to create a sophisticated presence for your operation.

The pricing structure here is dependent on 4 the mail handling quantity, as well as the nature of the phone number (there’s a choice of toll-free for a higher subscription cost).

A really positive aspect of all iPostal1 plans is that they do not make you sign up for a strict contract or subscription duration. You can alter your plan at any time as well as end your relationship with the service whenever you see fit.

Each of the above Plans include the following at no extra cost:
  • Real U.S. street address
  • Flexible shipment scheduling (on request, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • Personal Digital Mailbox – access online or with an app to manage mail
  • Your choice of carriers, ship dates, and service level
  • Free App for Android and iPhone
  • Shipping to unlimited addresses, $100 insurance (UPS, FedEx, DHL)
  • 24/7 digital access to all your mail items
  • 30 day storage: all mail & letter packs; boxes under 1,728cu inches (= 12x12x12 size box)
  • See a picture of the outside of every mail item
  • Sender information for every item clearly visible
  • 5 day storage: boxes at/over 4,896cu inches (= 24x17x12 size box)
  • 10-day storage: boxes 1,728 to 4,895cu inches
  • Automatic email alert for new items received
  • Discard mail items service
  • Up to five Mailbox recipients, if names added within 30 days of signup
  • Consolidation of letters into one package for forwarding
  • 4 GB secure cloud storage
  • Preparation of commercial invoice (for international shipments)

iPostal1 Services (Company Video)

As the video above explains, iPostal1 works similarly to all good virtual mailbox services.

The company is there to ensure that all of your mail and packages are safely managed (i.e received, stored, and handled in line with your requests) once they have arrived at the address you have chosen as your virtual presence.

By simpling logging onto the iPostal1 website or signing into the smartphone app, you have the ability to view and manage your mail and packages wherever you happen to be in the world.

You have the option to have your mail forwarded to another address, opened and scanned, shredded, and/or discarded.

Essentially, distance does not get in the way of you having complete control of incoming correspondence.

A closer look at the Online Interface

Screenshot from the iPostal1 iPhone App
Screenshot from the iPostal1 iPhone App

The online interface is one of the most important aspects of a virtual mailbox service.

This is the area that you will be dealing with the most, and a customer will want that to be clear, intuitive, and easy to use.

It should also have all the functionality you need to efficiently manage your mail remotely.

On the face of it, iPostal1 does well here as it has both an IOS and Android compatible phone app as well as a portal online.

These interfaces provide access to real-time shipping prices, and of course, you have access to all the menu options you need to carry out your mail management, (read opened mail, request to have items scanned or shredded; you can also request check payments, etc).

On the plus side here, iPostal1 has recently revamped its apps and given them a much-needed overhaul. What was once quite a clunky, unintuitive interface now provides a much better user experience.

At least the upgrade has proved better for me. Just check out some of the reviews in the Apple App Store and you’ll see that for a few users the new app has caused some compatibility issues. Overall though, it is definitely an improvement.

Added costs on all plans you need to be aware of
  • Mail items above Plan maximum: $.35 per item
  • Remove Invoice From Package: $1.95
  • Forward mail and packages. (See real-time shipping cost options; select carrier and level of service preferred)
  • Receive Fax: $2.00 each for up to 6 pages, then $.25/page
  • Mail Content Scanning: $2.00 per envelope for up to 6 pages, then $0.25 per additional page.
  • Additional Insurance (first $100 of insurance free with UPS, FedEx, DHL): $2.00 for each $100 of insurance requested
  • Pickup at address location: varies by location
  • Easily add additional mailbox address locations with just a click.
  • Extended Storage (after free storage expires): See iPostal1 website
  • Check Deposit by Mail: $4.95 to deposit up to 5 checks (scan required of each check), plus trackable shipping
  • Shred Mail: $2.00 each for up to 6 pages, then $.25/page
  • Consolidate contents of multiple packages for shipment in one box: $1.95 per package plus packaging materials
The Pros
  • Wide range of plans to suit different needs
  • flexible pricing structure with no contract or sign up fee
  • over 700 virtual address locations, with same-day access to mail
  • All features you would expect from a digital mailbox service
The Cons
  • The clumsy, unintuitive app that needs improvement (a 2020 update has solved some of the issues here).
  • Additional costs for services can add up if you are not careful

Bottom Line

Overall, iPostal1 is a good digital mailbox service. The pricing structure is one of the most flexible on the market and they provide a management plan to suit all needs and budgets. The services designed for the virtual office are particularly impressive.

All of that said, despite the updated app some users are still having problems. The hidden costs aspect of the plans can also add up if you are not careful. These are issues that need addressing in such a competitive market place.

3. BEST FOR BUSINESS: Earth Class Mail Review

ecm stripe

Earth Class Mail is a highly regarded provider of office mail automation services and arguably one of the best known on the market.

Their packages include a whole host of services including mail management, mail forwarding, mail scanning, mail storage, secure document shredding, and secure check deposit handling using CheckStream.

However, where they really shine for businesses is the virtual mailroom. These service packages are designed to provide a total and secure makeover of traditional office mail management, providing a modern, automated digital mail platform for users.

This transformation allows for mails, correspondences, checks, and invoices to be converted into digital documents that can be uploaded or downloaded from digital mail platforms such as e-mails, apps, and website portals.

Moreover, this automation allows one to integrate digital mails into applications/software that are running business operations such as billing software, accounting programs, and storage applications.

Beyond business owners, their lower-priced mailbox services are suitable for travelers, expatriates, and people who have moved residences. These are called the Mail Box Plans.

Mail Box Plans

earth class mail mailbox plans

Earth Class Mail offers their mailbox automation services in personal, shared, and premium packages.

The difference between the 3 is based on whom the service is aimed at. The personal plan (priced at $19mo) will allow for only one recipient name, so is geared towards digital nomads, remote professionals, and single travelers.

The shared plan ($29mo) allows for 5 recipient names and is appropriate for families and groups of travelers. Meanwhile, the premium plan ($79mo) is designed for small businesses, providing a high mail quota and up to 20 recipients on the account.


Upon signing up the user chooses an address provided by the Earth Class Mail network, while also selecting the plan that best suits their need.

All Mail Box Plans come bundled with the following services:
  • unlimited scans of envelopes and inbound mail (this does not include scanning the mail contents),
  • mail scanning,
  • mail storage (free for 30days),
  • mail forwarding,
  • unlimited cloud backups,
  • 256-bit encryption for digital documents,
  • Complete audit trail for mails,
  • Developer beta API (Application programming interface) platforms,
  • Digital mail integration with 3 applications – Xero, Quickbooks Online and
  • Integration to 4 storage platforms – Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Cloud Drive.

Earth Class Mail also offers automatic check deposit services with their unique online tool identifying checks and requesting permission from the virtual mailbox post owner to deposit it so as to save the owner the bank trip.

Likewise, checks can be forwarded to a customer using the mail forwarding service if one wants to personally deposit the check.

There is also excellent customer support and a reliable 99.9percent uptime which ensures that the service runs without interruptions caused by server downtimes.

Regarding mail forwarding, all 3 mailbox plans come with exterior item scans for both letter mails and packages with the scans being sent directly to your email or online mailbox for you to determine whether the mail or package should be forwarded to your real address.

If mail forwarding is chosen, you need to create a shipment profile that determines how the items are packaged, when they are to be shipped, and the shipping insurance to be bought, with Earth Class Mail dealing with customs forms.

Thereafter, the packages can be shipped through USPS, UPS, DHL or FedEx.

MailRoom Plans

mailroom plans Flexible-Virtual-Mail-Pricing-Earth-Class-Mail

The MailRoom plans offered by Earth Class Mail are geared towards business and enterprise users. The unifying features of these plans include unlimited recipients, free shredding, 30 days of mail storage, and a wide selection of business addresses.

The differentiating factor here is the allocated mail quota, with the 3 plans being set as follows:

  • Start-up MailRoom = $139mo (100 pieces of mail)
  • Business MailRoom = $229mo (250 pieces of mail)
  • Enterprise MailRoom = From $1,029 (Full customizable)

One of the mail reasons Earth Class Mail is our top pick for businesses is the level of clarity on pricing and the customizable nature of the enterprise package.

In short, if your business needs comprehensive mail management facilities, this is the company, best served to provide them. This doesn’t come cheap mind you.

Pros of Earth Class Mail
  • Provides secure office mail automation services including mail scanning, mail storage, and secure paper shredding.
  • Provides both standard and premium virtual addresses.
  • Has 3 mailbox plans to choose from, to suit the needs of individuals and families.
  • Scalability allows one to easily move from a lower plan to a higher plan.
  • The MailRoom services are very comprehensive.
  • Provides efficient mail forwarding services for both documents and packages.
  • Its digital mail platform comes with an online mail management portal.
  • Supports digital mail integration with Xero, Quickbooks Online,, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Cloud Drive.
  • High-quality customer support.
  • 99.9percent uptime.
The Cons
  • The mailroom business plans are expensive


Earth Class Mail offers one of the most sophisticated virtual mail services around. From the full office mail automation via the MailRoom plans to the needs of the individual traveler on the MailBox plans, the company has you covered.

This level of service delivery, and overall ease of use, makes Earth Class Mail our number one choice for businesses in 2022.

4. BEST BUDGET: AnyTime Mailbox Review

anytime mailbox logo

From one of the most expensive virtual mail services to one of the lowest-priced. It’s time to look at our winning best budget virtual mail provider of 2022, AnyTime Mailbox.

Offering over 1000 location addresses, (Anytime Mailbox also provides addresses outside of the USA), the service has all the features you would expect from a virtual mailbox including package and mail forwarding, scanning, storage as well as secure document shredding. The company will also oversee the secure handling of check deposits.

Monthly plans as low as $6.50

This is where the service really shines for the budget-minded user. The lowest-priced plans are depended on the location (out of the 1000+ addresses, very few offer the lowest rate of $6.50), however, if you are flexible on the virtual address you choose, sub $10 a month plans are a common feature.

Here’s an example of an $8.99 plan based in California:

2 Digital-Mailboxes-in-California-Anytime-Mailbox

However, the important issue to note on the lowest-priced plans with AnyTime Mailbox, is that the cost will quickly add up if you have frequent mail that needs to be managed.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get with this Californian virtual address:

Here, you can receive 10 mail items a month which is appropriate for an individual user. However, opening and scanning cost $0.99 per page. This will add up quickly if you use the service.

Our point is, although Anytime Mailbox offers some great value monthly packages, you should think carefully about your potential usage in order to purchase the most appropriate plan for your needs.

Get it wrong and it may not be such good value any more.

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Unlimited Packages

Another benefit of AnyTime Mailbox is the sheer variety of their plans. Each address generally offers bronze, silver, gold, and unlimited packages, the main difference being the number of incoming mail items you can receive for free within your monthly quota.

Because the address you choose has an impact on the number of features and price of the plans, it is best to browse their website for more in-depth details on what each location provides.

However, it is worth noting that although the company does offer remote check deposit services on some plans, it is not available at all locations.

Also, unlimited is a bit of a misnomer as in many instances unlimited packages will still incur charges over a set amount of mail item scans. The “unlimited” generally relates to aspects such as shredding, recycling, and storage, etc.

Here’s an example of an “Unlimited” plan breakdown:


As you can see, unlimited does not apply to all features. This is a common feature (some may say flaw) with AnyTime Mailbox. On one level, the range of packages provides a lot of flexibility to the user.

However, it does require a little more research on the part of the potential customer… there’s a lot of options to filter through.

Pros of the AnyTime Mailbox Service
  • Provides the lowest-priced monthly fee of all the service providers in our review round-up
  • Provides secure office mail automation services including mail scanning, mail storage, and secure paper shredding.
  • A large selection of addresses, including non-USA based ones.
  • Flexibility allows one to easily move from a lower plan to a higher plan.
  • Provides efficient mail forwarding services for both documents and packages.
  • Unlimited storage space for scanned documents.
  • Good customer support.
The Cons
  • The cheapest packages have a low monthly mail quota.
  • The sheer amount of addresses, packages, and price plans available can be confusing
  • Check deposit not available at all locations


Anytime Mailbox offers flexible, low-priced services that include virtual mailbox, mail forwarding, virtual business addresses, and mail scanning and storage, as well as secure document shredding.

However, be warned that if you do opt for one of their low priced options, your monthly fee could quickly go up if you go over your allocated incoming mail quota.

5. US Global Mail Review

US Global Mail Review

We recently had a guest post from a contact living in Vietnam that has been using US Global Mail since 2017. You can read about their experiences in a full review here.

However, the inclusion of the company certainly had to make our list of the best virtual mailbox companies.

US Global Mail has been around since 1999 and is one of the largest providers in the USA. With over 20 years in the game, they clearly have been doing something right.

The Houston based operation is very popular with US ex-pats and now has over 80,000 subscribers.

With up to 80% off shipping costs due to the relationship the company has with the likes of DHL and UPS, there’s a lot to like.

Let’s have a closer look at what they offer.

The Three Main Service Plans

globe atlas

US Global Mail has 3 main plans Individuals, Business, and Company Relocation.

Each plan has the following services as standard:

FREE features in all US Global Mail plans
  • UNLIMITED incoming items
  • UNLIMITED forwarding addresses
  • UNLIMITED recipient adding (except for One-person plan)
  • NO handling fees for individual letters & packages
  • FREE letter storage for 180 days
  • FREE package storage for 30 days
  • FREE secure shredding of junk mail
  • FREE insurance up to $100 on every shipment

Which is the right plan for you?

The three plans available cater to very specific needs. Your personal situation will direct you to the appropriate level of service.

Individual (& family) Plan

man using phone

The individual plan is designed for ex-pats, overseas retirees, digital nomads, and backpackers. It can be upgraded at a small cost to cater to families; this basically involves adding additional names to the account.

With this service package, you will receive all the features listed in the box above, which should take care of most individual needs.

If you opt for the 2-year plan, it comes in at a very low $10.00 a month. For this price, you will have a physical US-based address (in Houston) and 24/7 access to the online virtual mailbox interface.

You will also have included mail scanning, correspondence pre-sorted for junk mail, free shredding, and up to 80% off on shipping rates to a destination of your choosing.

Business Plan

laptop and coffee

The business plan is a popular choice and was highly regarded by our contact out in Vietnam.

The main difference between this and the standard individual/family package is that you have access to a US-based office address and have a higher volume of items that can be processed each month.

A business address rather than a P.O Box is an important benefit to companies. The price on a 2-year basis for the business plan is $20.00 a month.

HR/Relocation Plan


The third package is a very unique assortment of services as far as virtual mailbox providers go.

The service is designed to help give large companies global mobility. Here a company can expand into different, foreign markets while having all mail items managed by US Global Mail.

As stated on their website, the service will help “reduce costs and HR headaches with handling employee mail in house. Eliminate risk, liability, and compliance issues.”

The specifics of the service are done in a bespoke manner, therefore no pricing information is available. The company will literally tailor a service plan to suit the demands of your company and its situation.

This makes US Global Mail one of the best virtual mailbox alternatives to Earth Class Mail if you own a business.

A Check List of US Global Mail Service Features

us global mail

Below is an extensive list of services that are included within US Global Mail plans. Some are asterisked to indicate where additional fees apply.

Available features with US Global Mail:
  • Permanent US Street Address
  • Secure Virtual Mailbox, 24/7 access & complete privacy
  • Near real-time notifications with mail images
  • UNLIMITED incoming mail
  • UNLIMITED forwarding addresses
  • FREE check deposit
  • FREE shredding of junk mail
  • Up to 80% OFF on shipping rates
  • Interior mail scans on request*
  • Open & Inspect packages*
  • FREE letter storage for 180 days
  • FREE package storage for 30 days
  • FREE insurance up to $100 on every shipment
  • Consolidation & Repackaging on request*
  • Pick-up of documents on request*
  • Automatic forwarding options
  • Form 1583 Online Notarization Service*
  • Wind-down option for easy account closing
  • Customs Paperwork Assistance
  • Form 1583 Online Notarization: $10/notarization.
  • Scanning: $3/letter + $0.50/pg in each letter.
  • Letter storage after 180 days: 10 cents/letter/month
  • Package storage after 30 days: $1/lb/mo
  • Open & Inspect packages: $5/package
  • Consolidation & Repackaging: $2 for letters, $5/box outgoing
  • Pick-up: Package – $15 + $1/lb; Letter: $5 flat/visit
  • Wind-down: 2 months of services for $15, available upon account closure

The Interface (Real Time Mail Management)

woman on laptop

As we have covered throughout this review round up one of the most important features of a virtual mailbox service is the online interface the subscriber uses to manage their mail.

Here it can be said that US Global Mail delivers in spades. In fact, they actually boast real-time mail management.

Once a mail item is received at your provided US address, you receive a ‘ping’ notification. This will contain an image of the parcel or envelope that has arrived for you.

From within the app or online interface, you can then select what you want to happen; the contents scanned, shredded, or packaged and forwarded to your current location.

(If the item is a check, you can even have it paid into your bank account as per your instructions)

Response time from when you select action on your mail to it happening is very short, (the company states within 30 minutes however the reality is often much faster).

And all of this is carried out from a very intuitive and easy to use interface.

80% savings on shipping costs

DHL van

A huge benefit of US Global Mail is the reduction you can enjoy on shipping costs.

The huge volume of items that the company has to ship on the behalf of its subscribers means they receive hefty discounts from the shipping companies.

These discounts are then passed on to you.

US Global mail has relationships with all the main US postal services including the big three: FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

Not only do you get discounted shipping to any location around the world, but the service will also take care of any repackaging and will also bundle items for reduced costs and greater efficiency.

This aspect of the service has made US Global Mail popular with online shoppers around the world looking to purchase items from US-based eCommerce stores.

As an expat it also means home isn’t that far away after all.

Pros of the US Global Mail Virtual Mailbox Service
  • Easy to use virtual mailbox (with real time management and fast response times)
  • Up to 80% off shipping costs
  • Versatile package for individuals that can be upgraded for families
  • Genuine US office address for businesses
  • Excellent level of service for larger companies
The Cons
  • To experience the lowest subscription package you have to pay on a 2 year basis.
  • The range of addresses is not as extensive as the likes of Anytime Mailbox or iPostal1

Bottom Line

The overall rating for US Global Mail is excellent. The company currently has a A++ rating on BBB, Google Reviews and Trust Pilot.

Our guest reviewer out in Vietnam swears by the service after 18 months of use.

And it is easy to see the reason behind the popularity; fast mail management response times, a large range of service features, and those discounted shipping costs; not to mention tailored packages for large companies.

US Global Mail has been around for 20 years now; they are likely to be around for 20 more. A highly recommended virtual mailbox service.

6. Mailbox Forwarding Review

Mailbox Forwarding is a reputable service provider of high-quality virtual mailbox services. Along with the normal features you would expect, the company also provides fax services.

This company places special emphasis on providing global mail access 24/7 to travelers, expatriates, and businesses.

Mailbox Forwarding comes with its own proprietary and easy-to-use online mailbox management service that allows you to access their emails 24/7 from anywhere so long as there is a reliable internet connection.

This online mailbox management offers 3 key options for mail handling; scan mail contents, forward mail, or shred mail.

The service also comes with an email notification feature that notifies one when mail has been received so that one can choose what to do with the mail.

Mailbox Forwarding Monthly Plans

The services offered by Mailbox Forwarding come in three different service plans; Basic plan, Professional plan, and the Premium plan.

The screenshot from their website below showcases what you can get with each plan.

All these 3 plans come bundled with an online postal mailbox, mail forwarding services, free mail storage (for one month), secure mail shredding, postal mail scanning, and a shared toll-free fax-line.

The scanned documents are sent as PDF documents to your email address or to an online mailbox. As with other services, you can then decide whether the mail or package should be forwarded to your real address.

If you choose mail forwarding, you need to create a shipment profile that determines how the items are packaged, when they are to be shipped, and the shipping insurance to be bought.

Thereafter, the parcel is shipped through USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

Pros of the Mailbox Forwarding Service
  • Provides high-quality virtual mailbox services including a virtual mailbox post, mail scanning, mail storage, secure document shredding, and secure check deposit services.
  • Provides both standard and premium addresses.
  • Has 3 subscription plans to choose from.
  • Scalability allows one to easily move from a lower plan to a higher plan.
  • All plans come bundled with mail forwarding services.
  • Provides efficient mail forwarding services for both documents and packages.
  • Its digital mail platform comes with an online mail management portal.
  • Superb customer support.
  • No server downtimes.
  • Free mail shredding.
  • Cheaper as compared to the Earth Class Mail services.
The Cons
  • Lacks a dedicated API platform.
  • Poor integration with existing business software.


Mailbox Forwarding is another provider of high-quality virtual mailbox services.

The available plans provide online postal mailbox services, mail forwarding, business addresses, mail scanning, mail storage, secure document shredding, secure check depositing, and fax services over a dedicated or shared fax line.

These services are designed to allow users to have global access to their emails in an efficient manner.

7. USA2Me Service Review

USA2Me is a dedicated provider of US mail forwarding services. It is mainly intended for the use of individuals or businesses based outside of the U.S, that require a U.S address in order to buy or sell products in the United States.

It, therefore, specializes in providing 2 key services; virtual mailbox addresses and forwarding of mails and packages.

Even so, these 2 key services come bundled with other virtual mailbox services such as mail storage, mail scanning, and secure shredding of junk mail. It also provides fax services.

The complete service suite allows one to set up a U.S-based virtual office, or to shop for items in the U.S; and for retail or distributor businesses, it allows them to set up re-mailing services for sending packages to their U.S-based customers using cheaper U.S postage rates.

In other words, it allows a foreign business to establish a virtual presence in the U.S, as well as achieve global mail access at any time.

All these services are provided by the family-owned company,, which ensures that complaints can be addressed to the company itself or resolved through its customer support department.

This service provider can convert shipment and inventory documents, among other physical mails, correspondences, checks, and invoices, into digital documents through secure scanning so that they can be uploaded into a digital mail platform such as e-mails, apps, or its official website portal for the user to view and download the documents.

Likewise, this company comes with its own proprietary and easy-to-use online mailbox management service that allows one to access their mails from anywhere and at any time.

This online mailbox management offers 3 main options for mail handling; scan mail contents, forward mail, or shred mail.

USA2Me Monthly Plans

The services offered by come in 4 different service plans. These plans are the Basic plan, Standard plan, Premium plan, and the Ultimate plan.

All these 4 plans come bundled with an online postal mailbox, mail forwarding services, free mail storage (for at least a month), postal mail scanning, and fax reception.

However, the Basic plan lacks the secure mail shredding option, while the other 3 plans offer this service for free.

If you choose mail forwarding, you need to create a shipment profile that determines how the items are packaged, when they are to be shipped, and the shipping insurance to be bought. Thereafter, the parcel is shipped through a courier service of your choice.

Pros of the USA2Me Service
  • Provides dedicated mail forwarding services to foreign individuals or businesses who require a U.S address.
  • Provides virtual mailbox post addresses.
  • Has 4 subscription plans to choose from.
  • Scalability allows one to easily move from a lower plan to a higher plan.
  • All plans come bundled with mail forwarding services.
  • Provides efficient mail forwarding services for both documents and packages.
  • Its digital mail platform comes with an online mail management portal.
  • Superb customer support.
  • Cheaper as compared to the Earth Class Mail services.
The Cons
  • Lacks a dedicated API platform.
  • Poor integration with existing business software.


USA2Me is dedicated to providing mail forwarding services to individuals or businesses who need a U.S address in order to establish a virtual presence in the U.S for trading purposes.

It specializes in providing 2 key services; virtual mailbox addresses and forwarding of mails and packages, alongside other virtual mailbox services such as mail storage, mail scanning, fax services, and secure shredding of junk mail.

All its 4 service plans come bundled with mail forwarding services that support shipment through a courier service provider.

It is a very cost-effective way of setting up a virtual office within the U.S for those that require such a service.

Virtual Mailbox Services – A Buyer’s Guide

The internet revolution has simplified the way people send and receive mails and letters, with the digital electronic mail (e-mail) supplanting the traditional mailbox as the most popular mode of sending mail messages.

Even so, packages and some letters need to be delivered to a physical mailbox, and this requires one to have a physical mailbox address. For those that do not have access to this address a mail forwarding company, or virtual mailbox service can be very useful.

Let’s now look at the types of situations where such a service is beneficial.

Who Benefits from a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox can be beneficial to a wide range of people and circumstances, let’s take a look at a few of them now.

Expats (Individuals and families)

If you are living full time in a foreign country but still have connections back home (bills, voting, and taxation for instance), you will want an easy way of sending and receiving mail from your native land.

This is especially relevant if you are living abroad for work, and maybe returning to your home country after a year or two, once the position ends. You may still own a property and have other ties back home that make it necessary to have a physical mailing address so that you can receive important mail.

If so, using a virtual mailing address in your former home state would prove very beneficial.

Online Business Owners

Another situation where a virtual address can assist is where someone is operating an online business from their home.

A virtual mailing address means you can use a more professional-sounding address located in a big city. It also stops business-orientated junk mail from coming into your letterbox.

However, the biggest benefit is privacy. You will not have to make your home address public on platforms such as your website or business social media accounts.

Long-Term Travelers

If you are lucky enough to be on an extended travel journey (something that doesn’t really exist in our current COVID-19 stricken world) and will be away from home for months or even longer, you may want to use a virtual mailbox service so that you can keep up to date with all your correspondence.

It certainly beats hassling friends, family, or your housemates from taking care of your mail by sending you screenshots every other day. They will definitely thank you for finding an alternative way of sorting it out.

Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are increasingly becoming a large market for virtual mailbox services, (with some such as Traveling Mailbox, launching their new phone app to meet the standards of tech-aware customers).

If you are one of the close to 5 million Americans classed as digital nomads, (no fixed abode as you work in various destinations from the comfort of your laptop), a virtual mailbox will give you as much freedom over the when, where, and how of your mail as your lifestyle demands.

RV Travelers

If you’re on the road in your RV for several months of the year but still within the U.S, a virtual mailbox could really be of assistance to you.

Life on the road makes it difficult to keep on top of your mail, and for receiving packages. With a virtual address, you can have your important mail forwarded to your next destination or a convenient pickup point along your route.

What you can expect with a virtual mailbox service

The online postal mailbox is normally offered as a service package called virtual mailbox services.

The virtual post mailbox comes with a professional address of your choice with the associated street address allowing any courier to deliver your mailboxes at a designated point.

Likewise, this online PO box comes with another unique service; mail forwarding, which allows your mails and packages that have been delivered to your virtual post mailbox to be forwarded to your real address upon your request.

Expectedly, the virtual post mailbox offers all the services provided by the traditional PO mailbox.

Additional services

Still, depending on the virtual mailbox services package that you have subscribed to, the Online PO Box can come with additional services such as online mailbox management, mail scanning services, junk mail filtering, hybrid mail services, and mail delivery options for both international and domestic mails.

Even so, the virtual mailbox service provider (VMSP) does not allocate you a physical address, but instead collects and processes all your mails as per your agreements before forwarding them to you, hence the term virtual address.

Choosing a Virtual Mailbox Service – What are your needs?

girl on laptop

If you remain undecided after reading the various reviews above, it could be that you are not clear about what you need from the virtual mailbox service.

This is understandable, with the many options available to you, sorting through what would suit you best can be confusing.

If this is the case, the following questions may help you narrow your focus to the all-important features for you.

Questions to ask yourself when signing up for a virtual mailbox service:
  • How much monthly mail do you generally receive? Some services work on a quota, where you pay extra for mail sorting above a set amount. Knowing your average monthly mail volume will help you choose the right package for your needs.
  • Are you in a position to reduce your mail by switching to online bill paying and bank statements? The less mail you receive, the cheaper the service you can opt for.  Are there other ways you can streamline your mail before you choose a virtual mailbox service?
  • How important is the location of the address? If you need a specific state or city, it is imperative that you check the service to see that it offers one in an area that you desire. Prestigiousness of address for your business location, or more mundanely (but probably more importantly) tax purposes, are significant factors in choosing an address. You will want to get this right.
  • Will you need to deposit cheques via the service? If so, make sure you choose a virtual mailbox that offers this feature, (some don’t).
  • Will you need to have mail forwarded on a regular basis? If so, opt for a service that includes higher levels of mail forwarding, within their packages.
  • Will it be a problem for you if your address is a PO Box number? Some services provide such addresses in their basic packages, which can be an issue. Different organizations and even e-commerce outlets, will not send to a PO Box address.

A Word about Virtual Mailbox Fees

us dollars

A word of warning when looking at the various mailbox service available, prices vary widely and some packages may have hidden fees that can add up if you go over your allocated quota.

An example would be the number of mail scans you can have in a given month, go over this and you can be charged per sheet scanned. A business user may run into problems when receiving large documents.

Most services will also charge extra for the cheque depositing feature. You should also watch out for markups on the forwarding services. Some providers will allow you to choose the postal service you use (UPS, DHL, etc), others have less of a selection, meaning forwarding packages could be less cost-effective.

A benefit of many of the leading service providers is that their different packages (and applicable fee structures) are designed to suit the demands of personal users as well as business owners.

You can choose one with the relevant features that meet your needs. A business owner will pay more for higher security, and other office-related services for instance.

Essentially, however, all services work on a monthly fee basis, with additional charges for forwarding mail and packages, depositing cheques, and receiving/scanning letters above the monthly quota. The important fact is to know in advance, how much extra those fees might be.

Key advantages of using a mail forwarding service

There are 4 key advantages that a virtual post mailbox offers over the traditional postal mailbox.

1. Best mail scanning service

To begin with, the virtual mailbox provides the best mail scanning service. Most packages will include an online mailbox management service that allows for mails to be scanned and then uploaded online or sent to an email address for one to view.

Usually, when a mail is sent to the specific online PO box address, the front of the envelope is automatically scanned, and sent as an image to the address owner as a part of a mail received notification.

2. Increased document security

The owner can be confident that their mail is handled securely.  You will be able to instruct the service provider to open the mail and scan its contents, and thereafter upload the scanned document to a specific email address.

The owner can also choose to have the mail opened, scanned and then shredded. Likewise, one can choose to have the mail returned back to the sender or shredded if it is not needed.

3. Best package forwarding service

Likewise, the mail or package can be forwarded to a specific address or placed on hold for the owner to come and physically collect it from the service provider. This is a very efficient system that can all be controlled from your online user control panel.

4. Access to your mailbox anytime and anywhere

Because all the mail handling is conducted remotely, with the contents uploaded for you to view, the service gives you the ability to access the mailbox at anytime and from anywhere.

This makes the virtual post pox the best mail forwarding service for expats and travelers, living and working away from home.

5. A reputable virtual address for business

Another major advantage is that the VMSP is based at a reputable commercial location, and this allows one to own an online PO box address that has a real/physical (commercial) street address hence allowing the mailbox holder to have a professional address that enhances his/her professional image.

This is especially important for owners of small businesses who need to build confidence and trust with their customers.

You can also receive mail packages from all couriers with the VMSP being there to sign for the parcels.

6. Flexible services

A good service will provide hybrid mail. This allows a letter to be delivered in both electronic and physical (hard-copy) formats.

This means that digital data in an email letter is converted into a physical letter item upon printing, and this form of a letter is called a Letter Mail or L-mail.

The printing centers are distributed across a region, with the VMSP ensuring that the L-mail is printed by a printing center that is closest to the delivery address.

7. Reliable ‘Letter Mail’ Delivery

During this process, the printer is called the mail transfer agent (s)he issues the printed letter to a mail transport agent who packs the letter in an envelope and then gives the sealed enveloped to a mail delivery agent (also called a postman) for delivery to the physical address of the online PO box holder.

Likewise, there is a reverse system that ensures that handwritten letters are scanned and delivered as an email attachment. This type of letter is called a Letter eMail.

Tips on collecting your forwarded mail

virtual mailbox services

If you have no fixed address (you’re a digital nomad, backpacker, or RVer for example), collecting forwarded packages isn’t always straight-forward. You’re a person on the move, and knowing where you will be when the mail arrives can be difficult.

However, with a little planning and/or foresight, it doesn’t need to be a big deal. Here are some tips on where to send your forwarded mail.

Coworking Spaces

A digital nomad can use a coworking space to receive mail. If you are a member of one of the larger providers, you can expect to find a space in most larger cities across America.

Not only are you likely running your online enterprise from one of their hot desks, but you can also have your mail collected at the reception desk.

Commercial Delivery Services: FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc

Local offices of major delivery services will store a parcel for you if you have used their service to ship it from the virtual mailbox provider depot.

You should find out how long they hold the package for, however, as most will send them back to the sender within 10 days to 2 weeks, (it varies, hence it being important you check).

It is also worth phoning ahead to the office you plan on sending the package to, to get the most up to date advice.


If you know in advance that you will be staying at a hotel/hostel for a set period of time, (several days or more), it is possible to have mail sent to the address of the place.

You will need to time the delivery for the period of your stay, however. A delayed package is a pain if you are planning on moving on to your next destination.

Overall, this is the riskiest method to collect your mail as it is logistically more difficult.

Local Post Offices

Post offices across the UK and other countries in Europe will allow you to forward your mail to main depots for pick up upon arrival. Again, phoning ahead to see which offices provide this service is advised.

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