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Best Virtual Mailbox Service – TOP 7 REVIEWS [2020 EDITION] is an independent review guide covering business and educational products and software. This website contains affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking these links.

Virtual mailbox services have revolutionized the way businesses, expatriates, world-travelers and even online shoppers deal with traditional mail and package management and delivery.

Whether you need a virtual address as the face of your business, or reliable mail scanning services, standard package forwarding or secure mail management and shredding; the best virtual mailbox service will be able to take care of all this and more.

However, in 2020 there is an ever-growing list of service options available. Which company should you entrust with your mail management needs?

That’s exactly what we will look into today. We have selected a range of mail forwarding services to give you the low down on some of the best solutions currently on the market.

For our findings at a glance, head to the table below. For an in-depth review of each of our top 7, plus a detailed buyer’s guide, keep on reading.

Best virtual mailbox service – Top 7

Traveling Mailbox
Online Postal
Mailbox. Scanning,
Virtual Address
Check & Invoice
iPostal1 Virtual Address
Mail Forward, Scanning
& Shredding
Virtual Office Plans
US Global Mail Virtual Address
Mail Forward, Scanning
& Shredding
Business &
Company Relocation
Virtual Address
Check Handling
Earth Class Mail Mail Automation
Virtual Address.
USA2Me USA Address
Package &
Mail Forwarding
Order Fulfillment
AnyTime Mailbox US Addresses
2 Service Plans
Package &
Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding service reviews

There are many different service providers who offer virtual mailbox services, as well as dedicated mail and packaging forwarding services.

These service providers can be graded depending on their quality of service delivery, respect for privacy, scope/range of services offered per package, efficiency, and flexibility.

Based on these rating criteria, 7 of the virtual mailbox services have been identified and chosen for review.

1. TOP PICK: Traveling Mailbox Review

When looking for a reliable, feature-rich virtual mailbox service, Traveling Mailbox should be your first port of call. The company is a highly reputable provider of quality mailbox management services.

Each package with Traveling Mailbox includes an online postal mailbox, mail forwarding, business addresses, post mail scanning, mail storage, secure document shredding, mail filtering (to exclude junk mail), and secure check deposit services. It also provides Letter eMail services.

These services are designed to allow travelers, expatriates, and businesses to have global access to their mailbox at any time, while simultaneously managing mail services on a paperless platform.

All these services are provided directly by Traveling Mailbox, LLC; which ensures that issues can be easily taken up with the company itself or resolved through its efficient customer support department.

Traveling Mailbox allows for piles of mails, correspondences, checks, and invoices to be converted into digital documents such as PDF scans that can be uploaded or downloaded from digital mail platforms such as e-mails, Evernote app, and website portals.

Bulk scanning is provided as a ScanPAK bundle, while envelope scanning is done by the QuickScan application.

Moreover, the scanned PDF documents are turned into search-able PDF documents by being processed through an OCR (Optical character recognition) software.

Online mailbox management service

As the screenshots above demonstrate, the service comes with a proprietary and easy-to-use online mailbox management service that allows one to access their mails 24/7 from anywhere so long as there is a reliable internet connection.

This service comes with an eMail notification features that notify one when a mail has been received so that one can choose what to do with the mail (scan contents, scan contents and shred, forward mail, trash mail, return to sender, or hold it for pickup).

Likewise, this mailbox management platform supports keyword tagging which allows one to quickly search and retrieve important digital mail.

Traveling Mailbox also allows one to integrate digital mails into storage applications/software in storage platforms.

Likewise, its services can be accessed using TravellingMailbox apps running on iOS (an Apple platform) or Android platforms.

The services offered by Traveling Mailbox come in three different service packages; the Basic plan, Extended plan, and the Small Business plan.

The ScanPAK bundle and fax services are only included in the Extended and Small Business plans.

Even so, all 3 plans come bundled with an online postal mailbox, mail forwarding services, and postal mail scanning (whose bulk is determined by the plan chosen).

Also, regardless of the plan that one chooses, one must have a virtual address in order to access the services provided by any of these plans.

This requires one to select a virtual mailbox post from the available addresses provided by Traveling Mailbox, LLC.

No matter the plan you opt for the service is compatible with:

With regards to mail forwarding, all the 3 plans come with exterior item scans for both letter mails and packages using the QuickScan tool, with the scans being sent directly to your email or online mailbox for you to determine whether the mail or package should be forwarded to your real address.

If mail forwarding is chosen, you need to create a shipment profile that determines how the items are packaged, when they are to be shipped, and the shipping insurance to be bought.

Thereafter, the parcel is shipped through a courier service provider.

Pros of the Traveling Mailbox Service
  • Provides high-quality virtual mailbox services including an online postal mailbox, post mail scanning, mail storage, secure document shredding, mail filtering, and secure check deposit services.
  • Offers Letter eMail services.
  • It provides both standard and premium virtual addresses.
  • Has 3 subscription plans to choose from.
  • Scalability allows one to easily move from a lower plan to a higher plan.
  • All plans come bundled with mail forwarding services.
  • Provides efficient mail forwarding services for both documents and packages.
  • Its digital mail platform comes with an online mail management portal.
  • Searchable PDF documents.
  • Keyword tagging allows for easy searching and retrieval of digital documents.
  • Supports digital mail integration with proprietary programs and storage platforms.
  • Superb customer support.
  • No server downtimes.
  • Free mail shredding.
  • Cheaper as compared to the Earth Class Mail services.
The Cons
  • Lacks a dedicated API platform.


Traveling Mailbox is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable mailbox management service.

The service provides an online postal mailbox, mail forwarding, business addresses, post mail scanning, mail storage, secure document shredding, mail filtering, and secure check deposit services. It also provides Letter eMail services.

Suitable for small businesses, expats and world-travelers, these services are designed to allow users to have global access to their mailbox using a paperless platform.

All its 3 service plans come bundled with mail forwarding services that support shipment through courier services.

Our number one choice for good reason.

2. iPostal1 Review

ipostal logo

iPostal1 is a large digital mailbox service provider operating throughout the U.S. The company first started it’s mailbox services back in 2007.

Over the intervening years, iPostal1 has expanded its infrastructure considerably and the service now has one of the largest networks of digital mailbox locations available on the market.

In fact, the company can now boast over 700 real street addresses. These exist at professional shipping stores across the U.S where mail handling actually occurs on-site, (rather than being forwarded to a central office which is how many other providers operate)

There are 3 main plans available, one for personal use, business use and a virtual office plan that has added features such as phone call and fax management.

Let’s take a closer look at those plans to see how they hold up against the competition.

The 3 Main Plans with iPostal1

ipostal services

ipostal1 virtual mailboxPlan 1: A Virtual Mailing Address

The standard plan provides the customer with a virtual mailing address. The cost of the basic ‘Green’ package is just $9.99 a month.

Designed for personal or family use, it gives the user 30 mail items a month. You can be billed monthly or annually, (with the latter offering 2 months free).

If you need more items per month, you can opt for the Blue ($14.99), Silver (24.99) and Gold (39.99) packages. These provide 60, 120, and 240 mail items per month respectively.

virtual business addressPlan 2: A Virtual Business Address

The same pricing structure applies to the virtual business address. The 4 plans (Green, Blue, Silver & Gold) ranging from $9.99 to 39.99 a month, and differ merely on the number of mail items that you can have handled per month.

The billing structure remains the same too. The advantage here is that you will be provided with an address better suited to the image of a professional business.

virtual office addressPlan 3: Virtual Office Plans

iPostal1 really shines with this virtual office plan. This is a cut above the competition as it really does provide the small business with a complete virtual office suite.

Prices start at $39.99, for the virtual office plan and include a digital mailbox service suited to office-based mail quantities.

On top of that, you will get a local phone and fax numbers, as well as the much needed virtual business address to create a sophisticated presence for your operation.

The pricing structure here is dependent on 4 the mail handling quantity, as well as the nature of the phone number (there’s a choice of toll free for a higher subscription cost).

A really positive aspect of all iPostal1 plans, is that they do not make you sign up to strict contract or subscription duration. You can alter your plan at any time as well as end your relationship with the service whenever you see fit.

Each of the above Plans include the following at no extra cost:
  • Real U.S. street address
  • Flexible shipment scheduling (on request, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • Personal Digital Mailbox – access online or with an app to manage mail
  • Your choice of carriers, ship dates and service level
  • Free App for Android and iPhone
  • Shipping to unlimited addresses, $100 insurance (UPS, FedEx, DHL)
  • 24/7 digital access to all your mail items
  • 30 day storage: all mail & letter packs; boxes under 1,728cu inches (= 12x12x12 size box)
  • See a picture of the outside of every mail item
  • Sender information for every item clearly visible
  • 5 day storage: boxes at/over 4,896cu inches (= 24x17x12 size box)
  • 10-day storage: boxes 1,728 to 4,895cu inches
  • Automatic email alert for new items received
  • Discard mail items service
  • Up to five Mailbox recipients, if names added within 30 days of signup
  • Consolidation of letters into one package for forwarding
  • 4 GB secure cloud storage
  • Preparation of commercial invoice (for international shipments)

iPostal1 Services (Company Video)

As the video above explains, iPostal1 works similar to all good virtual mailbox services.

The company is there to ensure that all of your mail and packages are safely managed (i.e received, stored and handled in line with your requests) once they have arrived at the address you have chosen as your virtual presence.

By simpling logging onto the iPostal1 website or signing into the smartphone app, you have the ability to view and manage your mail and packages wherever you happen to be in the world.

You have the option to have your mail forwarded to another address, opened and scanned, shredded, and/or discarded.

Essentially, distance does not get in the way of you having complete control of incoming correspondence.

A closer look at the Online Interface

Screenshot from the iPostal1 iPhone App

Screenshot from the iPostal1 iPhone App

The online interface is one of the most important aspects of a virtual mailbox service.

This is the area that you will be dealing with the most, and a customer will want that to be clear, intuitive and easy to use.

It should also have all the functionality you need to efficiently manage your mail remotely.

On the face of it, iPostal1 does well here as it has both an IOS and Android compatible phone app as well as a portal online.

These interfaces provide access to real-time shipping prices, and of course, you have access to all the menu options you need to carry out your mail management, (read opened mail, request to have items scanned or shredded; you can also request check payments, etc)

However, the shortfall here is that the interface lacks elegance. It is very basic in design, however, it is also not very intuitive to use. The online portal is better via a desktop screen, however, in a world where User Experience is key on mobile, it feels as if iPostal1 do need to invest in an overhaul.

Just check out some of the scores in the Apple App Store to see what we mean. The service definitely needs to up its game here.

Added costs on all plans you need to be aware of
  • Mail items above Plan maximum: $.35 per item
  • Remove Invoice From Package: $1.95
  • Forward mail and packages. (See real-time shipping cost options; select carrier and level of service preferred)
  • Receive Fax: $2.00 each for up to 6 pages, then $.25/page
  • Mail Content Scanning: $2.00 per envelope for up to 6 pages, then $0.25 per additional page.
  • Additional Insurance (first $100 of insurance free with UPS, FedEx, DHL): $2.00 for each $100 of insurance requested
  • Pickup at address location: varies by location
  • Easily add additional mailbox address locations with just a click.
  • Extended Storage (after free storage expires): See iPostal1 website
  • Check Deposit by Mail: $4.95 to deposit up to 5 checks (scan required of each check), plus trackable shipping
  • Shred Mail: $2.00 each for up to 6 pages, then $.25/page
  • Consolidate contents of multiple packages for shipment in one box: $1.95 per package plus packaging materials
The Pros
  • Wide range of plans to suit different needs
  • flexible pricing structure with no contract or sign up fee
  • over 700 virtual address locations, with same-day access to mail
  • All features you would expect from a digital mailbox service
The Cons
  • The badly designed app that is too basic yet unintuitive
  • some additional costs for services can add up if you are not careful

Bottom Line

Overall, iPostal1 is a quality digital mailbox service that we highly recommend. The pricing structure is one of the most flexible on the market and they provide a management plan to suit all needs and budgets. The services designed for the virtual office are particularly impressive.

All of that said, the app user experience is a problem. The system is basic and not particularly intuitive and is need of improvement.

3. US Global Mail Review

US Global Mail Review

We recently had a guest post from a contact living in Vietnam that has been using US Global Mail since 2017. You can read about their experiences in a full review here.

However, the inclusion of the company certainly had to make our list of the best virtual mailbox companies.

US Global Mail has been around since 1999 and are one of the largest providers in the USA. With over 20 years in the game, they clearly have been doing something right.

The Houston based operation is very popular with US ex-pats and now has over 80,000 subscribers.

With up to 80% off shipping costs due to the relationship the company has with the likes of DHL and UPS, there’s a lot to like.

Let’s have a closer look at what they offer.

The Three Main Service Plans

globe atlas

US Global Mail has 3 main plans Individuals, Business and Company Relocation.

Each plan has the following services as standard:

FREE features in all US Global Mail plans
  • UNLIMITED incoming items
  • UNLIMITED forwarding addresses
  • UNLIMITED recipient adding (except for One-person plan)
  • NO handling fees for individual letters & packages
  • FREE letter storage for 180 days
  • FREE package storage for 30 days
  • FREE secure shredding of junk mail
  • FREE insurance up to $100 on every shipment

Which is the right plan for you?

The three plans available cater to very specific needs. Your personal situation will direct you to the appropriate level of service.

Individual (& family) Plan

man using phone

The individual plan is designed for ex-pats, overseas retirees and digital nomads and backpackers. It can be upgraded at a small cost to cater for families; this basically involves adding additional names to the account.

With this service package, you will receive all the features listed in the box above, which should take care of most individual needs.

If you opt for the 2-year plan, it comes in at a very low $10.00 a month. For this price, you will have a physical US-based address and 24/7 access to the online virtual mailbox interface.

You will also have included mail scanning, correspondence pre-sorted for junk mail, free shredding and up to 80% off on shipping rates to a destination of your choosing.

Business Plan

laptop and coffee

The business plan is a popular choice and was highly regarded by our contact out in Vietnam.

The main difference between this and the standard individual/family package is that you have access to a US-based office address and have a higher volume of items that can be processed each month.

A business address rather than a P.O Box is an important benefit to companies. The price on a 2-year basis for the business plan is $20.00 a month.

HR/Relocation Plan


The third package is a very unique assortment of services as far as virtual mailbox providers go.

The service is designed to help give large companies global mobility. Here a company can expand into different, foreign markets while having all mail items managed by US Global Mail.

As stated on their website, the service will help “reduce costs and HR headaches with handling employee mail in house. Eliminate risk, liability and compliance issues.”

The specifics of the service are done in a bespoke manner, therefore no pricing information is available. The company will literally tailor a service plan to suit the demands of your company and its situation.

This has made US Global Mail one of the best virtual mailbox services for businesses currently available.

A Check List of US Global Mail Service Features

us global mail

Below is an extensive list of services that are included within US Global Mail plans. Some are asterisked to indicate where additional fees apply.

Available features with US Global Mail:
  • Permanent US Street Address
  • Secure Virtual Mailbox, 24/7 access & complete privacy
  • Near real-time notifications with mail images
  • UNLIMITED incoming mail
  • UNLIMITED forwarding addresses